Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Watchful Studios Quin Dynasty Unboxing

As I mentioned previously I  took part in the Watchful Studios Chinese Warring States/ Qin Dynasty Miniatures Kick starter.  They finaly arrived Monday and I got them oppened last night
On the left we have the Drunken Kung-Fu master and the right the General 
The Drunken master, I am thinking he'll make a nice "Barbarian" for frostgrave
While the general will make a nice Oriental wizard. 
Here we have my box of missle troops 
and there combination of bows and hand weapons. 
A female General another good wizard or or Aprentitce figure 
Finaly a we have the Sword Master who would also make a good Oriental flavor wizard or soldier. 
All painted images are from the Watchful Studios kickstarter and they retain the rightst to them. 

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