Thursday, March 18, 2010


So Luke and I have decided to advance the clock about 10 years and fight new war. In this case I have traded Prussia for Austria. The Austrian Army isn't as good as the Prussian Army but I don't have to worry about my Italian flank. Luke now has what are arguably the two best armies of the Period the English and the Prussian. It remains to be seen what he does with them. Also England and France will mix it up in the new world as well as the old so look for some adventures in India and America as well.

If your wondering this is what happened after the war to our hero's.

General de Burre: After the collapse of the Jacobite rebellion in Scotland he was subjected to a brief period of incarceration but was eventually exchanged along with other members of the rebellion to France. In All some 6000 Scottish refugees made their way officially or unofficially to France, were General Burre was their constant advocate. General Burre and his Friend the head of the Cameron Clan have angered many French nobles by their quest for a Stewart kingdom Eventually General de Burre was given status as Governor General of India, where he began a small Scottish settlement which might one day provide a home to the exiled king James.

Col. Mixter: Gallantly killed in Scotland Minister Carriere saw to the care of his family. His wife Beth Mixter briefly settled in Paris and ran a popular Salon. She then took the money from the Salon and additional funds provided by Minister Carriere and used them to establish a military school for sons of the poor nobility. Captain Mixter (Brian Jr.) is currently serving as Minister/General Carriere’s aid de Camp.

General le Rock: Continued in his role as division commander then served as governor general of Martinique for two years where he gained a considerable fortune. He then returned to France to help with military reforms and is today in command of the French army of the Rhine. His command includes the exiled Scotts and General Dixons famed light corps.

General Taskovics: Ended the war as the highest ranking officer in the Swiss Corps of the French army. He served two years as ambassador to Austria and helped write the Alliance between France and Austria. Today he commands the French army of Lorraine. It is hoped that his time in Austria will help in coordinating with the Reich army of Austria. The General Jaquinto formally of Piedmont commands his infantry force including Regiment Saintonge.

The Curly haired messenger: Then Lt. Theodor Humphries has had a success full carrier since delivering Col. Mixter’s fateful message. He gained a reputation as a duelist and caught the eye of both Minister Carriere and Madam Pompadour both have helped further his carrier and he now hold Colonels commission in the Gendarmes Bourguignon.