Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Tank Ace games

People were still dealing with post Hurricane stuff last night so we did not gather to play. Look for an up date on the Tank Ace league next week.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post Sandy Up Date

Greetings readers I came through Sandy with no issues or damage.  My community had some downed trees, and lost power but other wise Lowell MA is in good shape.  My parents and siblings are also all safe and sound as far as I know. I am concerned for some colleagues who work in New York City and New Jersey but right now I am assuming bad news travels fast. 

I hope all are well and safe this morning.

Monday, October 29, 2012

"Counter Attack" StuG vs. US Armored Infantry

 Since his son Ben had borrowed some of my figures I set up for a 1750 point game with Nick.  We got counter attack as a mission. Its interesting since the defender is actually the attacker.  I was the "defender" since nick has Patton riding along.
 Corner to corner set ups lead to crowded set ups.. Lucking for nick he got to move first!
 Nick Spread out but he didn't spread out too much! That is a lot of half-tracks and he had 4 template weapons to back them up. A 105 battery, an armored battery, a Scotts platoon and an armored mortar platoon (trucks acting as proxies)
 The the men dismount and you really know what the might of the USA looks like.
 My artilery had a good day pinning both platoons with this bombardment and I got reserves early you can just see the StuG platoon coming in to make trouble a the top left of the frame.
 Tank Destroyers flak the woods and take down one Tiger. Nick's Artilery are making life uncomfertable as well.
 I really like nicks bases with the small trees and my French farm house and vineyard look cool in the back too.
 Nick got my tiger bailed out things were looking grim when I did not get him remounted.
 The CO go the one of the TDs... but still looking grim.
 StuGs to the the rescue my fist platoon is hitting the armored 105s while their comrades...
 Are moving in on the gun battery. Nick contered with is Scots killing one StuG.
Then he launched two assaults with his infantry my Stum platoons MG teams drove both off with little trouble. We called the game at this point as a hard fought draw. In our After action discussion we agreed Nick owuld have been better off driving to the 2nd objective and digging in his infantry forcing me to attack.

Here are some additional pictures from the day.
Mark's Indians

Indians and tanks drive on German infanty

Mark and Ben had a game going with Hetzers facing the Indians.
Ben' initial attack bogged down but he chewed Mark up when his tried to counter attack.

"Free for All" StuG battery vs. US Armor

 I was contacted on the FOW New England Forum by Jose a new player who wanted a learning game so after talking over his list a bit we set up a Free for All mission to give him a taste of the game. He had a good list at 1500 points of US Armor. I used a variation of my StuG battery I kept the Tigers because Jose is in a tournament next weekend and its best to learn how to deal with heavies.
I have to brag about how nice my houses look on the Whiz' teddy bear fur tables.
Mark, Jose and Nick.
 Jose showed no "new guy" hesitation moving aggressively on both flanks. On my left he sent forward 5 Sherman 76 tanks and anther 4 standard Sherman tanks for good measure. on my right he moved up 4 Sherman and 5 Stewart tanks.  In the center put his Airborn troops into the woods and vineyard limiting my options there.

 Jose killed one of my StuGs with his first Volley of shots... So much for going easy on him.

 I countered with a bombardment of this 76s and managed to bail out two of them.
 With tanks on both sides we had a little joke about the observer calling the staff team and getting a message like "you fire mission is very important too us..."
 My next turn got some better results on the left forcing a test but Jose past with no tourble
 On the right I has some bad luck with fire power.. these guys remounted and did some damage to my StuGs in turn.
 I slowly pick away a the right flank attack but my Tigers are commited to this fight and I need help on my right.
 ON the right Jose's Shermans and my Stugs kill each other and with only his 2iC and my Company commander surviving. Then Jose launched two assaults with (on consecutive turns) with his stewards which I only just beat back with my Stum Platoon. Jose also got his surviving 76 and CO into position but the missed their shots. At this point time was called. (as it would be in a tournament).  We both killed two platoons so I believe that results in a 2-2 loss for both of us. Jose played well and was a fun and friendly opponent. Hope the tournament at Carnage is a good experience for him.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tank Ace standing

Here are the latest standing. Guys if you think your points are off let me know.

The Tank Aces: Company
ExP Ace Kills
Tim Hungarian Armored 8  Exp +1 Tank Ace Kills
Ted US 7th Armored 20 Exp
Raef US 4th Armored 3 Exp + 1 Tank Ace Kills
Adam German Panzer Kompanie 16 Exp +2 Tank Ace Kills
Rodney Canadian 1st Armored 13 Exp +3 Tank Ace Kills
Rob German SS Shwere 13  Exp +5 Tank Ace Kills
Don Finnish Armored 18 Exp +2 Tank Ace Kills
Harry Irish Guards 4 Exp
Chris Polish Peoples Army  16 ExP +5 Tank Ace Kills
Stan US 4th Armored 5 Exp +3 Tank Ace Kills
Mike Shwere Panzer 6 Exp + 1 Tank Ace Kills

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tank Aces Week 3 at The Game Castle

After the frenzy of gaming of the last two weeks last night was rather calm. I have 5 games in at this "level" so its not possible for me to earn any more points. That said I can provide an opponent and new player Stan needed one for his 4th Armor list.

 I briefly considered using my Tigers but when I learned all his Sherman tanks were carrying regular 75mm guns I opted for my my StuGs. We has the checker board deployment Stan and I both started with 3 tanks in one "corner" and two in the other. I used a more central position so as to get every one back together quickly.
 By the end of Turn two I was thinking I might be in trouble since I got a bail and Stank killed one of my StuGs but Stan had trouble of his own.
 His Jumbo bogged giving me the chance to kill Shermans without the jumbo acting as a shell magnate. This I was able to do picking of his tanks one at a time except for the jumbo it was still alive when the game ended on turn 8. Stan had a plan it was even a good plan but it fell afoul of the dice as many plans do.

 Don's Fins killed on of Robs Tigers then the fight got into a long range game of hide and seek. Don lost a tank or two...
 But he and his Finish tank ace cam out on top.
 Chris and Stan's father had another battle between t-34/85s and tigers in progress. Both played smart Chris trying to isolate a Tiger while the German play refused to play along. 
 In the end Chris was able to out flank the Tigers and numbers told but both tank aces died.
Another image of Don and Rob's game

It takes a lot of shots to take out a Tiger

Flames of war is not the only game played at Game Castle Robin finishes up a game of 40K

Don and Rob in a game cat and mouse as Ted looks on.

 Rob and Stan also got in a game Tigers against Shermans...

 and it did not go well for the Shermans even Jumbos crack under repeated shots from a Tiger's '88"

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tank Aces week 2 Pictures at The Game castle

Don and I set up for the First game this would be a long range shoot out.
 My High point of the game two bailed out T-34/85
 Some times Storm trooper moves work out, some times they just don't!
 Don and I are both using the village to hide from one another.
 My ending position one StuG is dead but Dumipfin has survived his first battle

 Game Two high point I kill one of Teds Half-tracks! that was all I killed all game. I did bail out tanks on two other occasion but that counts for nothing in Tank Aces.
 Dumipfin escapes to fight another day after seeing all his buddies blown to pieces. I bounced hit after hit off the darn Jumbo Sherman to no effect.
A Burning Tiger and many Irish Guards Sherman Tanks burn around a french village.
 A very dangerous game of hide and seek.
 Yes you can surround a Tiger but the does not mean you can kill it!
 The Polish have arrived. Chris runs a Guards Tank Battalion as a Polish Peoples Army force against my StuGs.
 We snipe for several turns then Chris makes his move and the first T-34 is dead.
 I back off, I am happy to duel Soviets at long range.
A historic moment Dumipfin's First kill in 5 games. He also got Chris' last tank.