Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bloggers for charity(2) work in progress

 Just wanted to post a couple of quick pictures of the British Light infantry I am painting for Bloggers for charity.
These are moving faster than the Napoleonic troops I did in the same scale maybe because their are fewer of them or maybe because I just like painting 18th century troops better.

Bloggers for Charity Miniatures arrive

There they are all ready for me to start painting them tonight while watching the Red Sox play Game 6 of the 2013 World Series. These are British light innovatory men I am painting up for the fine fellow over at Bloggers for Charity
The painting chart they (the bloggers for charity) have on their website refers to the set of troops sent to me as Light Infantry (which they are) belonging to the 46th Regiment now I do not have nay direct info on how the Light company of the 46th might have varied in uniform from the hat companies beyond the short jackets and leather helmets evident to the figure so if any one knows anything I would be happy to have some feed back. 

One more note Blogger for Charity Loki is doing a give away to celebrate his 200th follower please go take a look and get in on the action.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Longstreet Heroes (1)

In the game Longstreet your units can gain (and lose) heroes. A hero allows you to roll and extra d6 in combat in both attack and defense. After each combat you roll a d6 if you get a 6 and don't have a hero congratulations! you gained a hero.  If you have a hero and roll a 6... well you lose the hero, he still counts for that turn but meets his heroic end.   A hero is simply a marker not a new stand so for the infantry I have put them on washers so they cannot be mistaken a stand.
As my officers are still truant I painted an extra Sargent from  the Texas command pack as a hero.
The pose just said man of action to me he's leaning forward as if running or maybe hunching against in coming fire.
He also has an impressive beard and sideburns.  Most of my heroes will probably be officers but its good to add a few Sargents to the mix
In the cavalry this fellow got tapped as Sargent because I didn't want to model a figure shooing the man next him in the belly!
So he got an individual base and was mounted corner to corner to make him easy to distinguish form the run of the mill cavalry trooper. 
Its also the only cavalry base I decorated with white flowers so that will help it stand out too.

Monday, October 28, 2013

10th Tennessee "Sons of Erin"

Finished another unit of troops for Longstreet. This time I went outside the Texas brigade and indeed out side the army of Northern Virginian.  I'm Irish on my mothers side and Irish played an active role on both sides of the American Civil War.  I recently picked up the Osprey book Irish-American Units in the Civil War.   When I do a Yankee brigade it will probably be an Irish Brigade but I saw no reason not to do some Irish Confederated and for this I looked west to the the 10th Tennessee.
True the regiment never fought as part of the Texas Brigade but at Chickamauga they were part of the same army so I am taking a little historic license and painting them to serve as a reinforcement to my brigade.
Figures are Old Glory which I picked up for a very low price on Ebay.  They are now where near as good as Bluemoon but are adequate and some are realy well done.  The fellow falling shot tot he left of the Flag is a good one.  The Flag was take from the Charge! magazine issue 31 which has a number of good confederate flags.  A digital copy of the magazine is $3.99 (US).
Again I am using the leaf covered wilderness battle field look it just seems to feel right for this army.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

War-machine at Hobby Bunker

I went to hobby bunker to take part in the Halloween Zombie game but the organizer had to bail because of a family emergency so I was recruited to play War-Machine.  I met Paul and he walked me through my second game.
Paul sets up his undead Cryx war Jacks... s
I have humans of Cygnar I am told they are a bit like the British in the blitz but with a fascist edge
Paul rushes forward and zaps me through the node on the Jack on the right.
I do my own spell knocking down the three Jacks in the center with the Earthquake spell (wish it did direct damage but I think it bought me a turn and that might have been the difference).
Niether of us is going sublt here as armord beast crash into each other (lost one in the center).
Things get close and personal.
With my Jacks crashing all around I rush into the battle
My hero takes out two jacks then its more or less down to the hero .
Paul takes his best shot and I am down to 6 hits but he misses a critical last swing
I don't miss with my attacks and just manage to squeak out my second win  at War Machines.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hampton Legion Cavalry

This chart was "borrowed" from Big Red Batcave
I love using Cavalry on the table I have even been told I am pretty good at using it but I don't paint horses well.  I have been looking at them at the MSPCA and reading tips on line.  Then I found this chart on Big Red Batecave.  I still think I have a long way to go but these may be my best horses.
 The Hampton Legion was founded by wealthy South Carolina native Wade Hampton at his own expense.  The infantry joined the Texas Brigade while the cavalry became the 2nd South Carolina Cavalry.
 The uniforms are gray with yellow hussar style lace and yellow at the collars and cuffs.
 These blue moon horse are very nice they have good muscle definition(especially in gray below) so you can find those details and shade them
Most Confederate units focused more on Pistols than Sabers this unit (from the 1st Virginia cavalry pack) has mix of weapons.  More pictures on facebook

Thursday, October 24, 2013

4th Texas

 The Newest addition to the Texas Brigade I finally have some officers so I can complete some units(though not all of them have arrived)
 The 4th Texas most Confederate units carried only one flag so I went with this portrayal in this case. We have a full 10 stand Longstreet unit here.
 As you can see I loaded the bases up with rocks I wanted to suggest the desperate battleground of Devils Den and Little Round Top at Gettysburg. I am especially pleased with the officers coat particularly the white cuff and collar on his coat.
 The Texas star is again evident on hats and you can see a few union forage caps that have been appropriated by the men.
The over head shot give you a better look at the colors and patterns in the blankets. The 5th Texas is also ready except for its officer who has not arrived at my local game shop. Hopefully these delinquent officers will show up soon. You can see more photos on Facebook

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The other side of the Great Re-basing project

From time to time you guys have seen me removing troops from the 2x2 inch bases AJ made for me a few years ago. I have called this the "Great Re-basing Project" You may have wondered what I was doing with them.  Well the other day I was at hobby bunker and found some 2x1 inch metal bases and I knew what to do.
Combining the two bases and I have a great sabot base to use for Volley and Bayonet games.
I have been putting magnates on my Longstreet figures so I now have a growing Civil War army that can be a brigade for Longstreet or and Army Corps (or even an army) for Volley and Bayonet. The Hood's Texas Brigade has become Hood's Division.
As you can see the figures will stand a little high but the bases are big enough you have plenty of space to grab the base (or push it with a ruler or pointer stick on a large table) so people won't handle the figures directly.
 As you can see I made sure the Slots at the back remained clear so unit information can be written on a label and attached to the unit to make life easy in a game.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Longsteet Unit Galarry

My Troops for the Game Longstreet

5th Texas

Color guard and officers for various Regiments
10th Tennessee (For Sale)

4th Texas
Hampton Legion Cavalry
1st Texas
3rd Arkansas
Hampton Legion Infantry

Hampton Legion (Dismounted Cavalry)