Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jeavons' Regiment of Horse Grenadiers

 Pierre Jeavons a Barron of D'Argent who's assessors came to the Duchy as mercenaries and rose to the ranks of the nobility.  His troop of Horse Grenadiers is a proud inheritor of that tradition.   (The regiment is named for the real life host of the War Gamer's club for Gentlemen a Google+ community I belong to)
 The regiment is mostly of of foreign extraction recruited from around Europe mostly from soldiers who have mustered out of other nations cavalry regiment. Natives of D'Argent are welcome but only if they already have experience caring for horse.
 The blue and yellow uniform was inspired by the uniforms of foreign cavalry in French service such as Lauzan's Hussars. 
 Barron Jeavons' Horse Grenadiers are trained as both line and irregular cavalry equally comfortable in the scouting or battle rolls.  Frequently they serve with the Hussar regiment giving them a hard hitting back up to the light cavalry screening the army's advance.

If you are interested in getting your own regiment in the army of D'Argent let me know.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Charity Auction:Massachusetts Battleroad Tour with a British Red Coat

I used to work with Winston at another tour company he's great, history is delivered with humor and whit.  There is a bit of pro-British bias but hello he is dressed in a red coat!  I believe he is supporting the British Soldier Fund but I will update if this proves other wise.
You can bid here:

Details: A one day tour for up to four people led by Winston Stone, a well-known historian, re-enactor and founder of New England Military History Tours. 
Begins at the Boston Common the encampment of the British Army, from there travel to Lechmere Square Cambridge the embarkation point of the troops for Concord. Travel to Harvard Square and Cambridge Common were there two the cannons brought to Boston from Fort Ticonderoga by General Knox for the siege of Boston. Travel on Massachusetts Avenue through Cambridge, Arlington and to Lexington the route of march of the army. Arrive at Lexington Green and explain what happened here. Follow the route of the troops out ton Concord, move to the Old North Bridge. Then follow the route back of the retreat, from Merriam¿'s Corner, the Bloody Angles, Parker's Revenge, Fiske Hill and return to Lexington to Monroe Tavern. Follow Massachusetts Avenue back through Arlington and the Foot of the Rock, Jason Russell House, into Cambridge and the skirmishes that ensued there, on to Somerville Avenue and to Union Square site one of the last encounters and finally on to Bunker Hill where the troops collapsed before being ferried back to Boston. 
The tour includes lunch at some convenient point depending on which tour is chosen.

Special Instructions

For up to four people. Includes lunch.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tank Hunter

 A very small post before the Holiday weekend.   Many of the late, late war lists for Flames of war make a switch form using medium based Panzerschreck teams with 4 figures to two figure Tank Hunter teams.
So this is my first form an old special order set I got from Adler Hobby years ago thinking it was a 4 man team. As a side note I was saddened to hear the Adler Hobby has been shut down for the foreseeable future.  While I no longer game there game stores are a rare and valuable thing, while my area has more than the average but I hate loosing any of them.

Readers in the USA have a wonderful and safe Thanks Giving.

Monday, November 24, 2014

German Recon Infantry

I did these guys up to act as an infantry recon unit with a number lists where a infantry scouts are the only option that is available.
 This shot is to show off the bases a mix of elements from the Army Painter tundra set, tufts from army painters bad lands set and leaves from Secret Weapon.
 Commander and a Panzer Faust armed soldier. The Leaves are a little out of scale especially when you get this close to the model but standing back a foot or two away (like in the over head shot) they look right.
 I like that the Faust is not too evident so I can include it or not in the list.
 The figures are from the Gebirgsjager set I painted the smocks up in sort of a pea dot camouflage.
 Yes you did see dogs.  Probably not strictly actuate but troops that are sniffing out trouble could use dogs.  I love that the NCO looks like he is holding (or has just lost his hold on) a leash and the big dog is eager to get at the enemy(or maybe get at the enemy's rations).
 I kept the number of men to a base down to 3 so I will know right away who is a recon stand and who isn't.
The camouflage  look I was looking for is based off one I saw at a reenactment.  Colors are a little different but you get the idea.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Making some preparations for the Analogue hobbies challenge

 With the challenge comping up in two weeks I want to have some stuff all Teed-up and ready to go. I have some other painting that will be done in the mean time but this is the stuff I plan on doing out of the gate or near to it.
 I have been assembling some Dark age Saxon/Viking figures.  putting together now means time saved latter. I might need these as my campaign with John continues.
I also put together these open fire Sherman thanks and StuGs and I have been prepping some Highland Cavalry.

Friday, November 21, 2014

GHQ Battle of Kursk with New Hampshire War Gaming Alliance

Last night I made my way north for gaming with a new organization New Hampshire War Gaming Alliance who I had found or who had found me though the magic of Facebook.  This was also there first or second gathering at a brand new game store the Relentless Dragon (seriously they still have the new store smell).  They had a couple of games of X-wing going on and a Micro Armor game using the tanks only version of the GHQ rules.  
The game is set in the late stages of the battle of Kursk, the Russian mission is to get half their tanks across the field and off board. The brown lines are road.  Austin made a very cool portable 4 piece field that and interlock a number of ways.
The Germans are spread out either in woods, or behind hills waiting on the Russian advance.
Russian commanders Dave and Tod  plan the advance as Max (Tod's son I believe) and I prepare to parry the blow as best we can.
Enemy sighted!   A tiger platoon fires at long range and disables a platoon of T-34s. Dave tries to roll a 1 to repair the damaged Platoon.  He calls out before hand this will be the the greatest roll in the history of gaming...
and he did not disappoint! Austin however says it has to be re-rolled.
The soviets advance and Max unleashes a torrent of fire on the Soviets right flank column and scores several hits including the complete destruction of a platoon
On the left the soviets make better use of cover but I still disable another platoon.
Hum... can you see what they are doing?  looks like a column of tanks coming right down our throat.
A Panzer IV platoon is taken out before it can with draw.
More Soviet tanks move to the middle  I get several hits one kill and a number of disables(black markers) and suppressions(white markers).  Max also scores a disable on on T-34.
Tigers and Panzer IVs on the high ground above the soviets ready to deal death...  I think the next turn would have seen significant Soviet losses but depending on the Soviet commanders order (in this game you move or shoot never both) the Germans would have taken losses too.
Sadly its 9:00 PM and we have to keep wives and mothers happy so the game shuts down.  Once we got the hang o it the battle moved pretty quickly.  The rule embrace opportunity fire meaning you have to be careful where you move.  Next time I think we can get a decision in the same time frame. Thanks Austin for taking on the task of rule teacher and interpreter.  

(Max was originally misidentified as DJ sorry for the confusion.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I need a Hero! an Anit-Hero actually...

As you know I am taking part in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge
This years theme is Anti-Heroes so I need to find one in 25/28mm to paint up.  So I guess that means I am looking for a project.   So what is an Anti-hero... for a technical definition I turned to Wikipedia  Their definition is as follows: 

An antihero or antiheroine is a leading character in a story who, unlike a traditional hero, acts in an unheroic manner and lacks conventional heroic qualities such as idealism, courage and morality.

That is a good place to start, especially for a fictional antihero. For the historical figures its a little harder to pin down. One could say its the good man defending a bad cause or possibly the bad man fighting for a good cause. The truth is I can think of few truly unambiguous historical figures as most human beings are a mix of qualities.
Of course Blue moon also has some fine 25mm figures and I have loved painting their 15/18mm figures.  Here the Swashbucklers appeal to me Cardinal Richelieu would be a great anti-hero. The Gangland, Pulp and western collections also have some strong options.   I will probably have to buy a figure as my 28mm collection  is very limited and I don't see any good options in what I have left. 

I'm interested in  suggestions both in terms of figures and fictional or historic anti-heroes.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The German's Big Little Guns

I like the German infantry guns and my 75mm guns have done a lot of good service for a long time. That said with the arrival of the later late war books I find myself needing something a little heavier.
 So I picked up a nice set 150 MM sIG 33 guns.  They don't have smoke and only have a rate of fire of 1 but they have some compensation.
 Among these are an AT 13 direct with a fire power of 1+ and 4 when bombarding with a fire Power of  2+
 The gun is also a Bunker Buster meaning that hiding in buildings is not a good idea if these are in range.  This is useful if I have to attack dug in allied infantry.
 My blister seems to have lacked an office but no matter I will use the two man stand for command and the single man stand as an observer or substitute in the command stand form my 75mm sIG 18 platoon as they will not be on the table at the same time

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Capture of Lord Cadfael

John and I did the tower raid scenario.  My objective is to capture (not kill) a Briton Noble, Cadfael.  Luck swung back and forth several time in this quick but exciting game.
 My first two pieces of luck was I got to start with a "vangard" of 5 groups and started right next to John's patrol (both randomly determined).  John also rolled poorly on his free move which helped me a good bit. Note my men above are not really on the table they will move from the table edge.
 The bulk of John's troops far away a the tower. John got the first move...
 and his Noble, Cadfael off and running his men stay behind to engage me.  In two rounds of combat his warriors kill 5 of my 6 men and the other is running for home... I am down to 3 moral (I started at 5) already and its only the 1st turn!
 I am able to take advantage of the damage however and Osbert and a band of Warriors serve up the Britons int eh same manner.
 Meanwhile Burgred and my elite warriors takes on John's larger force of warriors I do well here killing 5 men and not losing a single one.
 Cadfael is looking fairly lonely with only 3 warriors to protect him
 I use bonding charge and kill 2 of the remaining warrior and that formation is now running but I lose a critical man.  To capture a noble you need a 3 to 1 advantage in dice... but my advantage is now 5 to 2. Cadfael fighting like a hero manages to kill two of my men and inflicts enough shock on my group to drive it back. Lord Cuthwulf is duly impressed by this doughty Briton.
 Its on a race Cadfael is able to move first fleeing the Saxons
 Lord Cuthwulf and his champion Wulfric just fall short of running Cadfael down this turn.  The following turn Cadfael moves first again and flees...
Random movement works to my favor this time and Cuthwulf and his master of arms trait allows me to capture the gallant Cadfael.  John declares he is withdrawing, I declare I will contest but no more fighting happens. John has enough retreat cards to cancel out my pursuit cards.  I have lost 9 men and John has lost 13.  I have a +3 victory and more importantly I am able to launch my next raid unopposed.  This gives me enough cash that I can declare myself Drohtin or Warlord so I may now begin to consider establishing my own kingdom. Cadfael is now a noble hostage in the hall of my king and is well treated (mostly) though I am sure he would have declined the honor if he could.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Warmonger Miniatures Pike men 10mm

 One of two units of pike men I got form he Warmonger Miniature kick starter.  I was impressed with the detail on these little fellows.  I have to say they were a bit quicker to paint that 15mm but not much as there is so much detail here
 The fifer is much appreciated I get sick of seeing drums with out their companion instrument.
 I like the detail (thought it a little hard to see) of men in the front rank holding short swords or maybe a long dagger in on hand while supporting the pike with the other men slipping under and between the pikes was a real issue for pike blocks.
 Rear view gives you a good sense of the details in the legs and arms lots of cloth folds here. Very nice figures and they are local (Worcester MA) so supporting them is doubly good