Monday, September 30, 2013

Hampton Legion Infantry

Finished up my first unit Confederate troops for Longstreet.  They will function as dismounted cavalry for the Hampton's Legion or as an additional infantry unit(s).  Hampton's legion served with the the Texas Brigade in 1862.
 There are 16 stands all together I will do up a couple of command stands latter when the figures arrive.
Cavalry units in Longstreet have a max size of 8 bases so here you see them as they will appear on the table in two units of 8 (if I get a second cavalry unit)
 I was in the mood for something different on the bases so I used this fall foliage mix from "Secret Weapon"
 Over head view these are Bluemoon figures I did not find them quite as nice as their 18th century figures but they are good quality figures.  There was a fair amount of flash that had to be cleaned up and I kept finding more as I worked on them.
 But in the end they painted up nice.
 I tried to vary colors a fair bit with in a gray and brown palate with some splashes of color like the red blankets.
 Over all I am please with the results.  I am trying out a new photo location and I think it worked out well.
Always interested in thoughts and suggestions on how to make the next set look even better.

Americanizing my artillery command and observation

As was mentioned in a previous post I am Americanizing my Free French artillery with the addition of American staff teams and command and observer teams.
Observe number 1 taking advantage of some light cover that included a Musket Miniature stump.

Command teams sadly the Artillery HQ pack only give you these 3 poses for figures and Wold War II US army uniforms only permit so much variation. 
Observer team #2 using some clump Foliage to provide cover again the figures are the same as those above so there is only so much variety that can be introduced.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

General von Saucken

In the Flames of War gaming world General von Saucken is considered the German "warrior team" that gives you the best bang for you buck.  Now I generally stay away from Warrior teams that portray generals because for me no one over the rank of Major (maybe Lt. Col.) should be in a company level game.  That said some times you have extra points you need to spend and this sort of fellow just makes sense. I probably won't use him much but an having some one who makes the arrival of reserves more likely and gives near by troops the ability to conduct storm trooper moves on 2+ lets face it he's tempting, especially at the cost of 65 points.

Battle of Gefrees

John is a fellow blogger and did his own write up of our battle last Thursday.   He also shares details of the scenario he designed for Lassalle check it our at Fuentesdonoro.
Borrowed form John's Fuetesdonoro Blog. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pulmonary Fibrosis Walk

I posted a link a few months ago about a charity walk my cousins were doing.  If any of you donated thank you very, very much.

My mother (me in gray) my Father(holding my nephew Will) and my Cousin Cynthia and her husband Micky.  Cynthia's team raised over $2000.00 for Pulmonary Fibrosis research.

Friday, September 27, 2013

First game of Lasalle at Hobby Bunker

Last night I met new friend John at the Hobby Bunker to try out Lasalle.  John got in touch with me after seeing pictures for the Hobby Bunker game day.  He designed a Scenario from the 1809 Campaign in North East Germany. His Austrian and Brunswick force is above.
John lent me some Legiers and some Dragoons I supplied the line infantry (that stated off board)
John's very nice Duke of Brunswick
My mission it to take the bridge and hold it for the rest of the French commander (in Lesalle you play the roll of a Division commander).
I got lucky and got my reinforcements early
Those guns look like trouble and so do those big Austrian battalions.
I decide its a good idea to counter march my cavalry away from the Guns.
Over the bridge and look the Austrians and French are already at bayonet points!
The First clash is in conclusive but drives me back (unlike Maurice the winning unit in Lasalle never takes a hit.) but both sides are locked in combat.
Hear comes the Brunswick Cavalry! (really like the job John does on horses some thing I struggle to paint well)
French Dragoons crash into the Austrian Grenzers! John decide to stand and fire this is mistake I break them with this charge.
The melee continues I get hurt again and even with another unit attacking I don't make any
I have men coming up but nowhere to put them...
the artillery is stuck on the bridge.
Austrian win one combat but lose the other still locked. 

John surveys the scene and plans his next move.
A french and and and Irish battalion charge the Asturias the Irish a broken but the French win driving them back and giving me some much needed breathing room. 
The Dragoons charge and despite rolling only two hits in combat break the Brunswick Hussars who roll 0 hits.
Now I have an orderly battle field and my dragoons are in his back field dancing with John's artillery
John decides he will risk a charge hoping to break one or both of my units and force a moral test.  Instead his unit is the one that is broken.
The french begin a turning envelopment on the right flank lead by my dragoons.
Stay away from the cannon muzzles boys!
Again two units charge the Austrian the hold me off and break a french unit...
But the other french unit is able to break the Austrians the next turn.
Technically the game could have continued but with me holding my objectives and one of Johns two brigades effectively destroyed we call the game a French Victory.  I enjoyed Lasalle(it does seem less polished then Maurice but it is an earlier game) and John was a pleasure to play with we are already planning another game night. Best of all John has enough 28mm Napoleonic figures that I don't have to paint any more! (Unless the games start to inspire me)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

British Light Infantry with a side of Shameless self promoation

Nothing too fancy just 13 British light infantry from the Old Glory 15s line.  I painted these to sell.
They are placed on these scrap bases (approximately 1.5 inches square) with white glue so you can easily debase.
You can find them on eBay along with several other recent projects. I was having trouble getting good pictures so I may post some new ones after work today.