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Friday, September 13, 2013

Americanizing my Artillery staff teams

I have several batteries of on US artillery one of 105mm and another of 75mm but they have French officers and observers since I originally did a Free French  Army.  So I need some American commanders observes and staff teams.
This first staff team I imagine has take shelter in small shed or maybe its a small room adjacent to a larger building. I may have over done it with the Ivy.
 I love the pot bellied stove its a Musket miniature piece  from that same box of odds and end the tree stumps came from.
 another view I think i need to make a map or something for the table.  I was tempted to do this on a large base to get more stuff in the room in the end I decided it made more sense to use the medium base a staff team is supposed to be on to avoid confusion.
 A more traditional sand bag bunker the walls are high but not too high that the men can not see over them.
Again I need some sort of map and maybe some flock and paint to cover those bases oh the things you don't see until you photograph the miniature!