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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Still selling stuff

Still got lots of miniatures for sale over at my eBay store.
Chaco Wars figures from Orinoco Miniatures 
several units of Napoleonic Troops 

Pop over to the store and see if there is anything you like: http://www.ebay.com/usr/fencingfrog1776
I'm planning to add some more next week.

Friday, June 16, 2017

General d'Armee: Vimeiro Hill

Not a lot of gaming of late with life in general just getting in the way but John (who's had his own blocks to gaming) available for a game we opted to General de Armee.  
  John took the British and I the French lining up to take Vimeiro hill.  My intention was have my elite troops on the left demonstrate against the hill while my Veteran grenadiers (right) and line troops (center) attacked the British Brigade to the right.
 John and I both had one hesitating brigade. Mine was in the center
 John advanced on my right so with my support in the center hesitating I opted to receive the attack.  rifle and artillery fire did minor damage
 My 8 pounders exacted some damage of their own.
  The Next turn with John advancing I opted to use the Artillery Assault special order ..
Punishing the Scots and 95th as they approach 
 I advanced my right most unit of Veteran grenadiers and the Scots attempted to charge home. We got a close range fire fight that hurt both units.
 I attempted a combined attack on the Scots who punished us with a text book blast of fire and my left.
 My efforts to concentrate and crush John's left are not looking good as my center hesitates again.
  John's reinforcements arrive and John prepares his crushing blow.
 This was the only real question/issue that came up my artillery is ready to blast the 95th but as bets we could tell they can charge the grenadiers to my right without taking any fire.  This seems odd.  I understand the desire to to have every one take shots at the approaching attacker as if calling in time on target but the ability to ignore the guns entirely seem equally suspect
Johns attack rolls up my right and I decide its time to start the withdrawal the English hold the hill.   I liked the set of rules a lot and John was nice enough to get me a copy of these rules and their ACW equivalent as a "baby shower" gift.  I'm very grateful to have the chance to read them in full.  This was not one of my better games, I was a the low side of the bell curve most of the game while John was dwelling at the high end.  The result was a crushing English victory but still a fun night of gaming.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Bones III the long search for Mr Bones.

I've been quiet lately between baby preparations, house hunting a friend's wedding, work and life in general I haven't had much time to paint.  Ariana's pregnancy is going well but my poor wife is exhausted and I have been handling some of the tasks she normally takes care of so she can focus on growing our daughter (its tough being a dad but tougher being a mom) 
Well about one week ago a big package was dropped off at my office (I have all large packages delivered there as a precaution). This package was a long time coming Bones III launched in the spring of 2015. Reaper promised (or projected) delivery last August and for a while it looked like every thing was running smoothly until they discovered that items they thought were listed as complete by the manufacture in China were actually just "scheduled" or something like that.  From that point on Reaper (or its partner in China) got increasingly vague about how much was done etc. Reaper did a good job communicating and took the blame but honestly much of my enthusiasm for this set of miniatures and goodies as sort of dissipated.  Any way lets take a look.
Lets comment on the excellent packing job here (thanks Mac!) lots of padding and two separate boxes.  Yes several pieces were a little bent form being stuck in the box but they straightened out nicely after a dunk in boiling water followed by a plunge in cold water.
Granted not every one needs this but they included a nice little booklet regarding how to paint your Bones.
The core set, man they packed a lot of miniatures in here.  I'm sure I'll use a good number of them for Frostgrave and Dragon rampant.
Man they crammed a lot of miniatures into that box!  Lots of them will see use I am sure.  The Yetis will probably be on my first to paint list.  The Lizard men will make a fine Dragon Rampant unit as will the Ogres. 
I also got the Graveyard expansion for the excellent terrain and constructs (for Frostgrave) the undead will come in handy too.
 you can check out a video of the set Reaper made.  One cool change the crypt/temple and walls are actually made form a new gray harder version of bones its very nice.  Only complaint I have is its hard to remove the roof quickly for easy game play.
Th stone circle was a must have for me as soon as I saw it.  Great terrain piece for so many games.  It breaks down into 4 pieces so you can pack it away easily and/or scatter the pieces around the table if you want. 
Another must have add on for me was the dragon Mathrangul he came in pieces and I was impressed that none had deformed in the slightest.
You can see him put together here with the grave golem form the grave yard set. you can see some more pictures here
Another nice item from the set is the 5 "invisible" figures they are table ready and will probably see some use in Frostgrave before to long. Buying figures and getting them almost two years latter was a frustrating experience. One factor for me was it kept me from picking up other smaller purchase because I knew someday I would get a big box of miniatures and that one of them would probably be just as good.   I did Bones II in a small way and went big with Bones III I probably won't do Bones IV.  Bone II had its problems and similar (not identical but similar) problems surfaced in Bones III.  They came down to the supplier in China not being reliable when it came to communication and fulfillment on the planed time line.  I fully expect every kick starter to be late, when they said August I figures I would get them in time for Christmas.  I have a high opinion of Reaper as a company and I will continue to patronize them but they don't seem to have a handle on their Kick starters.  I might change my mind if I get WOWED by the stuff in Bones IV but for now I have plenty of stuff.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Return to Frostgrave

So Last night I got in some gaming my opponent was Dave's son William.   He was running a Necromancer and I was appropriately playing a Thaumaturge Who looked a lot like a popular fantasy wizard. He headed out to the left..
While my apprenticed moved to the right.
Will is moving up on a token while I close in on some others...
Will is disappointed when the token turns out to be my fools gold...
He gets a bit of revenge by killing one of my halfling thieves
Next turn he gets another of my troops as he ties up my troops with his war hound.  Note a Frost Giant as appeared when I picked up a token.
His summoned creature  a "Wolf" nabs one of my
My man at arms knocks the giant back on it heals and the archer hits it as well the damage is significant but not enough to kill.
My wizard cast push but the attack roll isn't good enough to drive him back
One thief of mine wins a fight...
The other loses a fight.
My Cross bowman has manged to miss every shot each turn (5 turns in a row)
My Wizard managed to hold off the attacking "wolf"
My man at arms is down... and so I am backing away... Will is pretty gleeful at my predicament.
Then my crossbowman finally gets a hit, My wizard blows the giant back into Will's forces with a successful "push" spell.   I got away with 3 tokens Will despite his a glee a turn earlier got away with but one.  Will did a good job using his wolf and hound to tie me up and he got some great shots with bone dart. had he moved more of his soldiers up to take advantage of my soldiers being killed he might have wiped the floor with me.  Instead he counted on ranged shots and despite killing most of my soldiers I got away with the win (he's young he will learn).

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Stuff for sale

Selling a bunch of miniatures over at my eBay store:http://www.ebay.com/usr/fencingfrog1776
Choice range from Space ships
to Chaco Wars
and lots of Napoleonic infantry

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dragon's Lament- Playing Fantasy Pike and Shot games

Given how much my local group has enjoyed playing Dragon Rampant I suspect that my Pikeman's Lament army is going to find it self facing fantasy opponents on a regular basis.  One could simply use Pikeman's Lament troops as Frank and I did in our last game.  That said it seems to me that by mixing and matching you can probably get a game with more flavor.

Cavalry:  The fewest changes are needed here.  Troops that charge straight at their foes are Gallopers, those who seek to disrupt with shooting then strike are Trotters and those that prefer to skirmish are dragoons.

Dave's mounted Dwarves(facing my knight above)  could be classed as Gallopers, Elite Gallopers or Aggressive Gallopers depending on his preference. My knights could be counted the same way.  I would give cavalry armed with bows a 1 point up grade giving them a ranged attack of 6+/Range 12" hitting on 5+ but they would loose counter-charge (this could not be combined with Aggressive).   That said Bow armed troops might be just as effectively portrayed using the dragoon profile but there could be some special cases, like Centaurs or High Elf cavalry in a fantasy setting.

I might consider making Wolf/warg riders (especially if they have spears or javelins) trotters, since they might not want to charge a unit of armored humans or elves head on but would be quick to strike if they sensed weakness.

Dragoons and Light riders are pretty much synonymous you could bring over the sort range missile modification if you really wanted to.

Fantastical rules: Any for Gallopers and Trotters.  Dragoons are bared from Spellcaster, summoner and Cleric/Slayer.

Forlorn Hope works for most Elite infantry.  The fact that Pikeman's lament assumes a shooting characteristic for elite infantry actually makes it better from most points of view.  If you want to portray heavily armed Melee beast you just take aggressive and you get better "armor" and lose the ability to shoot.  You can add Any of the fantastical rules to Forlorn Hope.

I would retain Elite infantry for large Fantasy beasts. When/if my Bones III dragon ever get here I pan to use Elite Infantry+Fly+Missiles for a 10 point total to portray him.  I feel it makes sense to start the Higher Armor/Stamina for these troop types and then add a shooting ability if its warranted.

Pikemen: OK now we get to the signature unit of Pikeman's Lament.  Depending on how you build them the are a lot like either Heavy Foot or Light Foot.  The Reach of the pike is a major part of the unit profile but for me the key difference is the close order special rule  that really distinguishes them form other melee focused infantry.  To that end I would suggest you use this troop type not just for troops armed with long pointy sticks but for any fantasy combatants that are considered highly disciplined. Dwarven infantry with their tendency to form tight formation and drive into their less disciplined foes could be portrayed as Pikemen.

Use Heavy Foot with the Offensive upgrade for units like Orc/hobgoblin swordsmen, trolls, ogres and other fantasy types that just don't have the pikemans discipline.  You could use the pikeman profile if you want but I think they will work better using the DR unit Profile.

The Light Foot profile can be used with the Offensive profile for lightly armed troops like Goblins or Hobbits.  I also think there is merit to holding on to the light foot with with the mixed weapons profile.  This might be good for portraying units with uneven equipment or even local militia with training better than the typical club men.

Heavy and Light foot can also be used to portray historical troops that are not typical of Western Europe that don't really fit the Tribesmen  profile.  Janissary, Mameluke and the soldiers of the Mughal empire come to mind (from my casual reading not focused study).

The above should be eligible for any fantastical rules upgrade.

Tribesmen can replace Bellicose Foot. You might want to bring over the "Terrifically Shiny Armor" upgrade for dwarf berserkers or other hard to kill types.  They can have any Fantastical rules except Spellcaster, Summoner and Cleric/Slayer

The Shotte Profile should be used with all long range missile weapons yes bows have a greater rate of fire but Muskets have more penetration and knockdown power against armored targets call it a wash.  Use the First Volley rule for all missile troops while muskets are know for their tenancy to miss fire bows can also become broken and men may run low on arrows slowing their rate of fire.
They can have any Fantastical rule except spellcaster and cleric/slayer

Skirmishes can replace Scouts as there is little or no difference. They can have any Fantastical rules except Spellcaster, Summoner and Cleric/Slayer.

Ravenous hordes should be used for undead and other fantastical troops types of little skill.  They retain the fantastical option undead, venomous, hatred and fear.

Otherwise scratch forces for local defense should use the Clubmen profile.  Fantastical Rules are not appropriate to Clubmen

These are my thoughts for combining these two closely related games  I would appreciate your thoughts on this subject. I'll share my experiences as I get in games.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Napoleonic French Infantry Brigade for Sale

So my readers I have another bunch of figures I am selling.  They do have some wear and tear a few broken bayonets and muskets. 
They are painted to a good gaming standard 
 I these strike your fancy you can bid on them here: Fencing Frog Ebay