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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Honorbound: The Homelands

While a student at Marquette University  I took part in a D&D campaign that became the springboard for a long running series of adventures.  My roll was fairly short as I graduated and then moved home but I kept in touch and even helped a bit with writing things up. Christian the DM and world creator did a series of books.  I got a copy of the frist one as a thank you for my small (very small) contributions.
For some reason my copy survived and other peoples did not.  I recently found my copy when I was packing for the move.  This was timely as Christian committed suicide this past summer.   I hadn't been in contact with Christian for some time. I saw him on Facebook and we occasionally talked there and had many friends in common.  The homelands were an interesting setting a culture that was a mix of Scandinavian and Native American elements.  One aspects was the presence of spirits (minor supernatural powers) that interacted with human.  They even interbred with humans my character (a Wizard named Norrind Glimmersson) had a gold spirit as a grandmother.  It was a tremendously fun campaign that I would love to go back and play in again...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Challenge 8 Preview

I'm actually planning ahead this year.  I have one specific army project I would like to do, a terrain project and the Bonus rounds.
The Army project is to build an Irish/Norse Gaels specific army I have 46 (if my count is right) Dark Age Irish from Footsore miniatures in hand or on their way.  They should work out to about 230 points not counting any extras I get for painting quality, basing and banners (I have an idea for Brian Boru that might score some extra points).   This great since this one project gets me almost half way to my goal.
I've even made up a few banners for my Irish forces I'll say more about these later.
Bonus rounds get you 50 points each plus the points of the figures I have plans for all for them (though in some cases I'm not sure which plan).  That should net me another 275 points(assuming at least one 25mm figure each) for 505.  I don' want to tip my had on these so no images at this time
The terrain project, the Bones Mausoleum, should score at least 40 points its my cushion in case I miss submission deadline for the bonus rounds.
I've launched the new parent side duel I'm racing two other "new" dads (kids under 3) to our respective point goals.  I hope this will help motivate me to work quickly but we will see. If I loose I'll glad pay up.  We'll have to see how much painting my little "helper" lets me get done

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Rommel Opteraiton Brevity

Last Thursday (11/30) John introduced me to Rommel a game by Sam Mustafa.  I'm always interested in Sam's games(I've enjoyed Maurice, and Longstreet is an all time favorite of mine) and Rommel might well prove to be another winner.  Rommel is an operational level game where units represent companies or battalions an you the play are in the roll of the Brigade or Division (or perhaps higher) commander.  We played Operation Brevity which is available on Sam's website (link above)
Same usually has some innovative command and control arrangement and here its something similar to a Saga Battle board (though John tells me the Honor Forums looks with distaste on this name). You spend dice to move and to get special modifiers for an attack.  the Modifiers are lost once used until you reset your board by rolling smaller pool of dice (3 instead of 6)
John and I had quite a back and forth dessert battle going.  I focused on holding two of the three objective while smacking any British unit I thought was exposed.
One of the aspects of this game that I liked is that even out classed units like Italian Infantry are had to destroy in an Alpha Strike.  They usually do some damage and take a few turns to destroy via attrition this seems very real. They may not hold the ground but they don't just vanish.
John's attack stalled in the center but he was able to mass troops on the right and after a few attempts smashed his way through to the objective.
I used several of my tactical abilities to hit his tanks when they were in a vulnerable position on the rough ground.  I hit them hard but John's armor was just strong enough to hang on. He was able to move up infantry the following turn giving him the win.   I enjoyed the game quite a bit, it reminded me of the old PC game "Panzer General"  if your looking for a game where you get to be a general instead of a Sargent, Captain or Major (like Bolt action, Chain of command or Flames of war, all good games mind you) this might be the game you are looking for.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Amhers (NH) Maker Space Game Day

My friend Dave organized this event and it was a smashing success. We are already looking at a date in January.
 I started the day playing some Victorian Science fiction games helping the Venusian natives repel British Imperialists.
This game attracted many players so after a few turns I bowed out to play in Dave's Frostgrave: Salem.
 I played a which hunter and successfully killed Frank's witch.
I also helped Dave's Magistrate liberate insure the captured witch was delivered for "enhanced interrogation."
 In the afternoon I ran my Gunfight on the Arctic Circle and Frank made a gallant effort to battle his way past Dave Soucy and the USS Washington.
 Both sides suffered heavily during the closing phase of the action it was a bad day to be in a US or Geman Destroyer.
 Yes as a last effort the Tirpitz actually did try to launch torpedoes at the Washington, but sank beneath the waves before the action could be completed.

Sorry for the delay on this report its been a busy time.  You can see additional pictures on my facebook page  Another event is planned for January.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Challenge 8 (Ate) planning

So this year: "Challenge VIII (or 'Challenge Ate') is dedicated to our most cherished, or feared, monstrous things."  A great theme though it makes me wish I hadn't done this fellow over the summer
Because He would have been perfect! Oh Well, my Bones III set has plenty of monster types to use.
I've put in my application email and have been accepted.

So there are new wrinkles to the program this year. First of all in the past we have been asked to send Curt a miniature in tribute and he would donate to the local animal shelter.  This Year Curt is letting us pick a charity to donate to.  So my plan is to pick something probably a 25/28mm figure (probably bones) auction it off on eBay and donate what ever I get to ExtraLife a charity I am already raising money for.
The second wrinkle is the addition of terrain to the mix this year.  That's rather exciting as I have some terrain project that need work and this might just be the push I need.  These include the mausoleum I got from the Bones III kickstarter.

The Bonus rounds this year look interesting:

'Flight' (January 6th submission / displayed January 7th / voting results January 14th)
--- Lots of options here air craft, space ships, winged monsters, birds, super heroes.  Should be fun to see what people come up with.  I am undecided.

'BFG: Big Freakin' Gun' (January 20st submission / displayed January 21st / voting results January 28th)
--- Another one that has lots of possible option that I can't wait to see.  I may have to get creative... as I don't have any cool artillery projects (and since I'm trying not to buy any thing new).  Still creatively interpreting the themes is a challenge tradition so I am sure I can come up with something.

'Music/Musician' (February 3rd submission / displayed February 4th / voting results February 11th)
---This time I know exactly what I am doing here and its the perfect excuse to pint these miniatures only concern I have is lots of people probably have the same set sitting in their lead mountain.  

'Childhood' (February 17th submission / displayed February 18th / voting results February 25th)
--- Bones has provided me with an excellent set of miniatures to use for this project!

'Monstrous' (March 3rd submission / displayed March 4th / voting results March 11th)
--- I have some ideas for this one all coming from my Bones III set.  I can't wait to see what the really good painters of the challenge do for this one.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hobby Storage Unit

My wife Ariana found this on a Facebook yard sale site for $15.00.  I picked it up the other day. 
Its home made with lots of draws about 3 or so feet tall. 
The draws are subdivided into small trays that can be removed and reordered.  This will be a great combination bitz box, supply storage and a good place to stash figures I am painting but have to put aside for some reason.  

Friday, November 10, 2017

Painting Challenge #8

Its November Which means we are weeks away from the start of winter here in New England and the start of the 8th Analogue hobbies painting challenge around the world.  I'm being a little presumptuous because Curt the Great Snow Lord has not yet officially announced the challenge for this year but it seems likely to happen.  
Pike and shot troops form last year's Challenge
I'm planning to take part again this year my 4th challenge(?!) so I guess that makes me a regular or maybe just crazy. With Evelyn and a new house to look after I'm lowering my point totals. I'm thinking 500 is a reasonable target.  I have the miniatures but I might not have the time to clime higher than that.
So what am I planing paint you ask?  I've got a number of miniatures that I hope will provide some more specific character to my Norse-Gale and Irish Armies for Saga.
I also have a TON of Bones miniatures that should prove useful for bonus rounds and general painting.   I've also got a bunch of US Great War miniatures and 2018 would be the perfect year to paint them only problem is I have no projects to use them for.
My Friends in Maine will have another project relating to the Huzzah! convention that I am sure I will volunteer to paint for (and hopefully not regret doing so).

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gunfight on the Arctic Circle

My friend Dave Valtinine  is hosting a gaming event at the Amerhert Makers space on November 18th I'm running this scenario (of my own creation) durring the afternoon scession.

Gunfight on the Arctic Circle
Rules: Naval Thunder
Number of Players: 2-4
Background:  May 1942 the USS Washington and her escorts have been assigned to assist the Royal navy in providing distant escort to convoy PQ-15 to Murmansk.  Tirpitz and other heavy German units have sortied.  The British ships have had to turn back because of a collision between two major ships leaving the US task force to face the Germans on their own.  The two fleets will meet the Ice coked waters of the Norwegian Sea. 

 Historical Note:  The Washington did in fact escort convoys PQ-15 and the King George V was forced to turn back due to ramming the destroyer Punjabi.  The German’s didn’t make an appearance and one of the only chances for a “one-on-one” duel between an American and German Battle ship was lost to history.

US Forces: USS Washington; USS Wichita (Flag ship); USS Tuscaloosa; 4x Destroyers Benson class

German forces: Tirpitz; Admiral Hipper; Admiral Sheer 3x Destroyers Narvick class

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fort Devens game day 2017

This is my second year at this event, this year I didn't run a game this year but played Carnage and Glory run by Rich Wallace.  My daughter tagged along (and didn't take much notice of the outing)
My friends Dana(who to the picture) and Jess (in the back ground) also joined us Dana served with me on the confederate side while Jess joined the darn Yankees.
The Yankees were wise but cowardly and stayed behind their fences rather than advancing to face us man to man. Peter launched a strong attack on the union guns to the left and Dana and I advanced in the center.  The action was short and sharp we did hurl back the first line of Yankees...
but the second line and Jess' troops on the flank then launched a counter attack.  
My second line troops try but are too few to plug all the holes.  The Confederates suffer a significant defeat. Sorry I wasn't able to do a more detailed report but with our recent move I have been pressed for time and the details have slipped from my mind.  Evelyn was great many of the guys commented on who quiet she was.  One even claimed he forgot I had brought her.  I hope this is the first of many such outing.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Home in Ayer.

Its been a big year but assuming nothing unexpected pops up in the next couple of weeks Ariana, Evelyn and I will be moving into this fine house in Ayer Massachusetts.  It looks small but... 
When you see it from the back it doubles in size and the basement is fully finished.  I'm hoping to be able to host some games here in the next couple of months.  
The house is at the end of a dead end street we with an extensive wooded area to our north and east... we only own about a third of an acre but its a fine location for raising a family.
Eat in kitchen and front room.
What I think of as the Great Room which will probably be our living room and entertaining area. 
I'm hoping this room will host a number of war games and Saintoge work parties in the near future. We are waiting on final approval for our mortgage but every thing looks good. We should be closing on October 26th and moving in the following weekend.
In other news Evelyn is doing well now 12 lbs, 23.5 inches long and healthy.  Here we are at Chilli's for family date night. Dad needs to lose the baby weight LOL.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Reaper Paint your dragon contest

 I entered this fellow in the Paint your Dragon contest on Facebook please take a look at the 80+ entries all of them excellent and vote for your favorites by "liking the photo".  Paint your Dragon Gallary

Monday, September 25, 2017

Yard Sale find

 Picked this up for $3.00 over the weekend.  all the part seem be there so its quite a find.  I'm thinking of selling it but keeping the tiles for Frostgrave terrain is tempting as heck.
I have to do some recon and see what people are getting for them on eBay.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Saga Irish and Romans

I got to get in my first War Game since Evelyn was born.  John and I met up for Saga both of us were trying new Armies/Battle Boards.  John was running a Roman army while I was giving the Irish a spin. You can see the initial set up above.
John moved first send in some troops around the right flank and using his Manuballista to plink at my troops. I plinked back using the Sons of Dana ability form the battle board.  I didn't do much damage but it did make John leery of broken ground.
I moved to counter the attack on the right with Javelin armed warriors and mounted Heathguard.
I sent one my Curaidh (champions) ahead I figured either john would move up with this troops to hit me or I would get a shot a the balista.
John moved in and after an initial fight were no men were killed my Warlord, Curaidh and a unit of Wariors showered them with Javelins and then finished them with the Curaidh charging hand to hand.
On the Right my horsemen run down the Roman archers I did a lot of damage losing one of my riders but killing all but two archers...
The archers shot after falling back killing another rider and then legionnaires came in and cut my men down.
In the center the roman Heathgard and warlord are being pelted with javelins form multiple directions including my Heathgard who emerge from the woods.
on the right my warriors throw Javelins wiping out the archers and then...
Run away form the nasty Romans
The climax of the battle Both Heathgarde units clash as do both warlords (Warlords Pride) I use the "Old Ways" ability with the stag (the best of the Irish dice results) and John's warlord is throwing one dice to my five!   The noble Centurion is cut down by the son of Eire.
The Heathgarde fight to draw... and my War lord closes to finish them off. Then my warriors take the Balista. John had terrible luck with his dice all game I got a lopsided win I lots my cavalry while john was reduced to one unit of Levies and one unit of Warriors.  Its not even necessary to total up the slaughter points.  Still both of us enjoyed the options we had with our "new" armies.
For those who want a baby update she is almost six weeks old and sleeping 5 to 6 (sometimes 7) hours most night.