Friday, December 2, 2016

En Guarde! North Africa

Last night John and met at the Hobby Bunker to introduce him to En Garde! John was running a force of saga "Berbers"  I used a Janissary list to build his force.  I didn't have any fire arms but it had lots of javelins a number of good fighters.  My force is half the size of Johns made up of Spanish conquistadors. We are defending an old roman ruin.  
John's Sipahis come running up.  I took a quick shot at them but missed.
Then John's men came slipping in front... with infantry coming in behind them.
I got a shot on the Sipahis' leader scoring a light wound on him...
John's cavalry circles around and I have a couple of men moving to block them...
Shots ring out I land some hits but only inflict a few light wounds.  John is showering me with Javelins. My men's armor and cover keep most of the damage down.
My men just make it to the gap in time... as
The cavalry rushes in... The fighting is fierce  I do some damage but my officer is hurt and his companion is wounded.    The next turn my leader goes down though he did inflict serous wounds to two of the cavalry men.
Back Clad Berbers and yellow clad Janissary soldiers storm my position...  
My long shot to kill the enemy officer misses...
Berber troops swarm in, several go down to Spanish swords, pikes and Musket butts.  The Berbers in their turn kill the Spaniards its a slow hacking fight on both sides as both of us are well armored but in the end the Spanish fall one by one. I failed to do enough damage to the Berbers on the way in with my muskets.  This was due to a combination of bad rolls and good armor on the other side.  It was still and interesting and enjoyable game despite a fairly poor showing (I only killed 4 of Johns men, though many were injured by the end).

Test Pikeman

As I mentioned in a previous post I am trying out a new primer and wanted to see how it worked before the challenge gets going just to make sure it took paint the way I wanted it too and looked right.
I think things came out well so I have a much cheaper new primer (Valspar if your curious) and bunch of figures ready roll when the challenge gets going.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Terrain Work in progress

Not much new painting because I am working on some X-mass gifts. 
With encouragement form some of my readers this project is a restarted
Its starting to come together though you can see pieces keep falling out.. hopefully I will be able to get them settled down.
Now its a matter of working out the roof.
The tower is also coming along coming along
You can see how it stacks up and I am working on putting on a top of some sort.

Secret Santa

So I think this is my Secret Santa Gift.  I haven't ordered any thing from Annie, AKA Dice Bag Lady. I've sent an email to Cathy to be sure after opening last years gift early.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thrift Store Argonath

So here in the USA the day after Thanksgiving is know as Black Friday it's an insane day of shopping bargains and retail chaos.  I normally stay home I just don't like the crowds and madness of shopping on that particular day.  My Wife and I had agreed that Friday would be our day to relax and take it easy but by 12:30 she was getting antsy and wanted to go out.  Its a tribute to my love for her that I went shopping with her on a Black Friday.  It was a successful trips the stores were busy but not maddeningly so and we got several people checked off the Xmas list and/or got some bargains for ourselves.
One of the stops we had to make was at a thrift store called "SAVERS" we have a birthday party for the daughter of one of Ari's bridesmaids and the family had requested donations of baby cloths and items for a local charity.  We figured we could probably get more bang for our buck there.  In any event we were walking through the furniture section when a box caught my eye.  A set of "bookends" in an iconic shape recognizable to any fantasy literature/movie  fan.
 Tolkien's Argonath  and they where only $5.99 I said to my wife those would be good for a wargaming project, she looked at me a little amused and said "Yeah they would get them if you want them."  Obviously I did.  I did a little looking around this morning on line and found these are available on Ebay if you want them but the price is considerably higher.
 The pieces are solidly built, the hands and necks look a little fragile and sadly the box they came in will not work for storage but I think they should hold up pretty well. They will look great on a Frostgrave table and might be useful of Dragon Rampant as well.
I was pleased to see the rear of the piece was as detailed as the front so often this sort of item the rear is flat or worse covered with copyright information. I haven't decided if these need paint or not.  I might do a little maybe dry brush the crowns in gold like it was once covered in gold leaf that has worn away.  A light dry brush in light gray might bring out the texture in the stone or I may use them as is. Anyone want to weigh in on this one?  I would be glad of any suggestions.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Works in Progress

I haven't had much chance to paint and build lately but I have few bits I am working on.
 The ruined tower is coming along nicely.  I do have to come up with a plan for the roof the main body looks pretty good.
 After that last GQIII Game I decided my German ships needed some work.
 The Two Cruisers are basically done I need to get bases from them but other wise they are pretty well finished.
 The two Battle Cruisers are coming along nicely too.
 The red paint for turrets is historical I don't know if it saw action but it will help me distinguish the two ships at a glance.
Finally with have the test pikeman so far it seems my new primer is working just as well as the old ones.   If you are in the USA I hope you had a fine thanksgiving feast and enjoy your long holiday weekend.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Winter Painting Challenge

Once again Curt is holding his annual winter challenge the  7th Winter Challenge.  The theme of this challenge is Camaraderie and Teamwork.  So we are being asked to team up for the Curt Geld the miniature painted and sent to our fearless leader (who donates to a local animal shelter in turn).

The inspiration piece this year is the classic work of fiction the Seven Men of Gascony.  If you haven't read it it's worth reading, its very much a piece reflective of its time and I am not sure how well it works for a modern reader.

The bonus rounds have me feeling very disappointed that Bones III will not arrive before the end of the challenge (at this point I am skeptical I will see it before next summer).

  • January 8th - Armour

  • January 22nd - East

  • February 5th - Terrain: 'Home' 

  • February 19th - West

  • March 5th - Character(s) and/or Scene from a Movie, TV program, Book or piece of Music
Bones III would have provided me with every thing I need for all of these.  As it is I feel I've got at least three of them in hand.  We shall have to see about the others.  

I'm planning to paint up a pike and shot stuff army and the Grand Duchy of D'Argent will be getting a slate of opponents.  I've put my personal target at 1500 points.  My current planed 25mm items will give me a solid start with 410.  The Bonus rounds should give a minimum of 200.  That should be a good start on the target (610).  D'Argents enemies will be in 15mm and I don't have that fully planned out but each unit should give me between 16 and 32 points.  I also have the Warmonger Miniatures halberdiers that should net me another 20 points.     Other things will come to me as the challenge gets rolling.