Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Discover Mexico's amazing "minatures"

As part of our recent vacation we visited Cozumel and made a stop at a cool little museum called Discover Mexico
These are all 1/50 Scale (or so I remember) models of various Mesoamerican monuments as they we believe they would have appeared in their glory days.
Complete with people (though no human sacrifices)
This was an interesting one a colonial church built on top of an Aztec temple (a pulp adventure just waiting to be written.
There are also many models of modern churches and other significant buildings.  All and the location is well worth a look.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Pickets Charge: Defending Henry Hill

 Friday Night John and I met to try out our system using the Longstreet Campaign with the.  We had hit on the idea of using historical scenarios with our ahistorical campaign forces.  It seemed right to have our test game be from Bull Run. My army consisted of two brigades the Texas Brigade of the 1st, 4th and 5th Texas with a Mixed battery of smoothboors and Rifles holding the hill.  They had a second brigade with Wheat's Tigers and the Hampton Legion (both Infantry and cavalry) in support to the left.
 John had two brigades of infantry one of two battalions and a battery and the other with 4 battalions. the sharp eyed might just see the confederate banners peaking over the hill.
 Interestingly we began the fight with Flank moves against each other's right flanks (this happened alot in the early days of the ACW)
 Well John was actually moving against both flanks at once my cavalry tried a charge but got disordered (unformed under the rules) and fell short of hitting the head of John's column of Zuoves.
Not surprisingly they got smashed the rifled-muskets of the Zouves and the union battery.  A few turns latter they would dispersed under continued pounding.
 My infantry tried to block the union attack on the right but despite landing a good volley the return fire sent us reeling back.
 With the attack developing to the right my guns turn to bring their fire to bear.
The Hampton Legion Infantry in skirmish order is doing a good job holding the Yankees in the woods.
 The Union Artillery preparation is fairly ineffective but two union battalions charge the 4th Texas.  The Texans and the supporting batteries hammer the lead battalion, scoring 8 hits on top of the two it had taken earlier. The Texans don't roll well on their melee test but John's boys have a -7 to over come as a result of the fire they have taken.
The Yankees have run out of time for a Confederate victory though neither side has taken much damage.  Both John and I have earned 3 epic points so our armies will grow by that number of units.
John got 4 See the Elephant cards so 4 of his green units will got the regular status.  I got on See the elephant card that I awarded tot he 4th Texas.  I also got a battery of new rifled artillery  and the CS Replacements card gives me new unit of regulars. So next battle my army will field 12 units.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Forts of the Caribbean: Fort George Grand Cayman

In 1662, the then Governor of Jamaica, Lord Windsor, received royal instructions to protect the "Caimanes Islands ... by planting and raising Fortifications upon them"; the fortification, however, was not constructed until 1790.
Fort George was built using local coral rock and limestone ironshore with its design being based largely on the English fortifications of the time. The oval base of the Fort measured approximately 57 feet by 38 feet. There were eight embrasures for cannons around the sides of the fort and a mahogany gate on the fort's landward side. The walls of Fort George ranged in thickness from two feet on its landward side to five feet on its seaward side, with the walls being about five feet in height.
In 1802, when Edward Corbet came to Grand Cayman to compile a report for the Governor of Jamaica, he found the Fort "by no means well equipped" with only "three guns, four to six pounders", rather than the eight required by the original scheme.
By the beginning of the 20th century, the fort was no longer in use. During World War II, a tall silk cotton tree growing within the fort was used as a lookout post. Members of the Home Guard, whose barracks were located next to the fort at Dobson Hall, would climb up into the tree’s branches to watch for German submarines, many of which patrolled Caribbean waters hunting for merchant ships setting out to cross the Atlantic with supplies bound for English ports.(the above was taken form Wikapida)   At some point a structure like the one above was added for shelter.
As the tree is gone this replica stands on a telephone pole.  On the same day we visited the Cayman Island National Museum.  Its an excellent little museum located in an old building that's been every thing from the island capital, to a court house/jail, dance hall, church and now a mu seam.
 You can see a example of the original construction of wood and plaster.
This is the old jail cell which has had various layer removed at different layer, You can see the various layers of plaster and the old coral core.  Also several bit of graffiti are visible. 
Finally part of the museum done up as the building looked when it functioned as a court house.  They have three movies that focus on significant cases for the Island.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Ariana Sunk my Battleship!

Back from vacation so I haven't had a chance to do much painting or war gaiming but Battleship counts right?  I started off strong hitting sinking her battleship and carrier right off but then she found my ships one after another. She won by a handy margin her sub was untouched and her destroyer had one hit left when the last of my fleet slipped beneath the waves.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloween 2019

Saturday Evelyn picked the Mini Mouse costume for the Downtown Trick or Treat event (10/26). She refused to keep the Ears head band on so I did her hair up as on each side as 'ears" 
One of the highlights was meeting this handsome Great Horn Owl from Animal Adventures I was surprise how willing Evelyn was to pet the bird and how gentle she was (she plays pretty rough with her stuffed animals and only has limited experience with live animals).  We plan to visit house in the neighborhood Thursday (weather Permitting) so yo may see some more pictures.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Fort Deven's Game Day Battle of the Cross roads

This past Saturday I had four awesome Player for my Battle of the Crossroads game at the Fort Devens game day.  From Left to right: Ken, Rich, Dave and Bill.
Union and Confederate cavalry advance on crossroad village in the mountain gap.
Union cavalry dismounts to move into the village but are charged before they can take up their position.  They are charged by Hampton's  who drove them back in disorder.  
Buford's cavalry clashes with and drives back Imboden's
Hampton's cavalry soon has the attention of the Union artillery and infantry as they follow up their charge.
Confederate troops are moving up into position the Union is less fortunate in their reinforcement rolls and has fewer troops on the board.  Buford pulls back his cavalry rather than face off with a dismounted unit of Cavalry and two infantry brigades..
Hampton's cavalry takes hits but is still a going concern as it begins to pull back.
The Irish brigade moves up on the west flank of the battle field taking shots form the Tiger brigade as they do.
The Confederate forces have taken up positions in the village with reinforcements coming up.  The Union has small forces on both flanking hills.
The Irish brigade falls back... union troops have been force backed and Confederates build a good line of troops in the two and on the hill to their left.
The Confederate still have  an edge in numbers as troops come up but he Union troops are gathering for a counter attack
Union troops push into the town after artillery drives off one of the lead infantry...
The heavy union attack is stopped in a close range fire fight...  at this point the battle had to be called as the museum was closing... the Early going went to the Confederates Hampton's Cavalry did especially well.
As the game progressed and more Union troops came in the momentum may have been starting to swing.  This union column of brigades ready to hit the Confederate right with the support of three batteries for example.  When we ended the game the Confederates held the town but the union was pressing them and forces were engaging on both flanks things were very much in dought. Both Side had had two unit dispersed but both armies were very much in tact.  Wish we had had another hour or so.