Friday, July 22, 2016

Battle of Albuera (2) GB& the Chain of Command (Play Test Version 2.6)

John and I again met at Hobby Bunker once again the battle was Albuera with me taking the French... 
and John taking the Anglo Spanish forces. We also had a new version of the rules to try out with major changes to the command & control aspects(which I dislike in the main thought that could be unfamiliarity) and Movement (which I liked in the main, but need a couple of tweaks) 
All troops now get full movement, and you can you get extra movement when doing a "guiding battalion movement."
This makes it reasonable to maneuver though woods, which were all but impassible before.
John opened the game with artillery and a very cheeky move by his cavalry threatening my advance
I form square this was a mistake my men fought off the cavalry with some good shooting but by the time that was accomplished the enemy infantry had moved up and I couldn't get out of square with the new movement rules (you need to sacrifice 1d6 of your movement to change formation but a square within 12" of the enemy has 0d6 movement)
My fist charge came up short and artillery hit on cavalry hard. Another unit was driven back after cutting up a Spanish square (though the melee was draw)
the next turn John drove off another cavalry charge (partly thanks to an interupt) worse the retreat broke a second force of cavalry. 
John Charge my unit on the edge of the woods using a Huzzah! special activation.. and breaks the unit with fire followed by a bloody bayonet charge. 
A second charge is a bit better for me a draw
Resulting in a fire fight. 
With John's cavalry in retreat I move up two battalions sutck in square are bypassed but I'm not gettig good command dice limiting my options...
I lost a Colonel and another infantry battalion only lucky dice keeps my moral form crumbing (it should be crumbling).  I do manage a counter attack of my own.. 
Breaking one of Johns units...
He brings up more men and another charge drives them back but its too little too late. John won a resounding British victory having blunted my attack.  My moral is still in good shape but that's only because of luck.

Friday, July 15, 2016

En Garde! game Two.

After our first go at the game of En Garde! we decided to try it again.  We basically put a bunch of treasure tokens down like Frostgrave to give us an objective.  I had a French army list (with Frank running the three soldiers on the left).
Mike had an "elite" pirate list (a list with all troops over rank 3) that I built.  I didn't give this list enough long range fire power and with two slow figures (peg legs) its at a significant disadvantage.
Dave had his list of Puritans and praying Indians.
My forces move into the center two musketeers taking firing position behind the wall to cover the rest of the force.
Mike has his two scouts up front, the blond sharpshooters and
the Gypsy pirate with her two pistols, team slow poke the two peg-leg pirates in the back ground
Frank grabs our first treasure token
My troops advance on the center area were the majority of tokens are.
Mike and I have a bit of a "Mexican stand off"
and neither of us want to be the first to go around the walls and face the others fire.
I get a man in firing position and hope that I win initiative.
Dave Kills one of Franks Musketeers
Two of Mike's soldiers are visible and I win imitative and open fire, Hitting the pirate lass
My officer takes another shot at her...
and down goes the first pirate.
Another shot and another of the scurvy dogs is down.
Mike takes a shot and down goes my second in command.
Frank takes out one of Dave's soldiers getting a little revenge.
In advances the gypsy scout
and lead fills the air as troops close on each other.
I kill the large pirate in hand to hand combat and the Gypsy runs looking for cover to reload her pistol.
She doges shots but is killed in hand to hand..
Franks lone musketeer is holding off Dave's forces on the left
but Dave has suck some men around while mike and I fight it out and grab treasure
the Blunderbuss kills of my men and wounds my commander
My wounded musketeer hits the pirate with the blunderbuss..
then my men rush the peg-leg pirates.
Long range fire exchanged on the left
Mike kills my commander but Frank and my swordsmen kill the blunderbuss pirate
The battle continues and the pirate commander goes down
Then the last pirate goes down and we call the game.  The Frostgrave style game didn't quite work the way we wanted. This game like Frostgrave needs a smaller table.  That said I like the system the hand to hand combat system is the center of the game and less complicated then it looks at first.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

1st Game of En Garde.

 Sunday I picked up Mike for a trip to Dave's house to try out En Garde with him and his son William.  Dave has a nice board set up to be a colonial out post of the frontier new England in the in the late 1600 (though it also works for the 1700s as well.  Mike and Dave each and a war band of colonists (Mike borrowing a couple of my pirates). Dave had a force of Indians and I had my forces of French. The French mission was to rescue a woman held captive by the English (or kidnap her its really a matter of perspective).
 The officers are 18th century the men are 17th... not ideal but I haven't found 17th century officers I really like yet.
 I screwed up the command rule moving all 5 soldiers with this lieutenant when he should only have been able to move 3 of them... Because all the other war bands had a Tactician I was always last but having two commanders I was able to mitigate this some what with group moves.
 With the French moving in at a run and Will's Indians using cover to protect my flank Mike opens fire...
 and kills my second in command with a single shot!
 My melee specialist troops advance to the the wall..
 While some of my musketeers put down cover fire scoring some hits and the others advance.
 Will also scores a hit and the next turn my sword armed soldiers are over the wall.
 while my commander moves into command range of the musketeers and puts a pistol shot into one of the English.
 After two turns of fighting the other Englishman is down... our first combat is a little clucky but we manage it after a false start or two.
 and the woman is "soothed" and made ready for travel.
 Dave's troops score a hit and Will's Indians are proving masterful shots with bow and musket as the English sortieing from the village take hit after hit.
  The woman is taken over the wall to relative safety...
 and a savage fire fight erupts.  Will has great luck with his shooting, mine is average but Dave and Mike are both struggling with die rolls. The English start to drop like flies.
 Musketeer confronts and a colonist with an ax and we have our second combat.  Neither man inflicts a hit.
 The woman has a new uninjured escort
 My Commander moves to shore up the flank (also I wanted to see how a higher rank soldier fared in combat)
 Mike kills my musketeer but the officer make quick work of his opponent and then has enough combat pool left over to kill the second soldier as well.
The handful of English left fall back conceding the woman (and the win) to the French and Indians.  Dave and Will like the game enough they had a rematch the following night.  The basic movement and shooting rules are simple and easy to execute.  Combat is the main feature of these rules and is more complex but once we had the hang of it it didn't slow things down too much.  I think they could bog things down if too many combats were happening at once but ranged fire is very dangerous so closing to fight in an open space is difficult. Next time we are going to try a more urban board (possibly a Frostgrave table).  I really liked this rule set a lot its sort of like "historical Frostgrave" with a more nuanced combat system (and no magic).