Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bones Stalagmites and Fungus

Some more Bones items this is part of the dungeon decor set I got with Bones II.  I think the formation in the center looks more like a big fungus growth than Stalagmites and I have done them up as such.
Once I get a base for them they should make a nice "cave" for Frostgrave or other games. I wish Reaper did more stuff like this. I jumped on as much of it as I could for Bones III.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If you see this in your blog roll please read

Hey guys I greatly appreciate the readers who follow this blog and especially those Bloggers who have me show up in their blog roll.  So if you see this in your blog roll please comment bellow. Be sure to include a link to your blog if you think I might not know about it .  I will check you out and add you to my blog roll so your post will show up on the right of this page. If you read me I want to be reading your work too.  If you have a Facebook page let me know that too and Fencing Frog facebook page like your page as well.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bones Mummies

I got these guys to use as part of a Gods and Mortals army but I think they will get some use in a Frostgrave war band.
We have three Mummy warriors and one Mummy wizard or high priest.
Like all the bones miniatures they have great detail and are easy to paint up.
This fellow has a name I am calling him Khaemwaset one of the sons of Ramses II who was a high priest of Ptah and is some times called the first Egyptologist  as he oversaw a number restoration project during his father's reign
In latter Egyptian legend he was referred to as a wise magician renowned for the lore and artifacts he uncovered. The most notable was the Book of Thoth.  I see no reason why a mummy with the gift of undead immortality couldn't lead his own expedition to Frost Grave so he will be my non-traditional wizard for a war band
Not sure what I think of this scarab back pack (or what ever it is) but it does make an impression.
The three warrior mummies will also be part of the war band I will probably just call them soldiers not undead. 

Save Sister Sara Play test III

Saturday I got together with Adrian and Jon of Wargame Recon to play test my scenario for the Hobby Bunker Game Day(8/29). We were joined by Steve of Boston Trained band.  Jon and Steve took the US fleet while Adrian took three of the Japanese Cruisers and all the Japanese destroyers. I had the Haruna and Kirishima and one Japanese heavy cruiser.
The USN started the game with a BANG! the Washington took the Chokai under fire and stored several devastating critical resulting in heavy flooding and a sever list.
Adrian tried to get the flooding under control but rolled a second severe list and the ship rolled over and sank with all hands.... the USN was jubilant  the IJN players were slightly stunned.
Still the IJN bore in with all the dedication one would expect from samuri and.. 
Got a little of their own back as the lead US Destroy was sunk by shells from a Japanese Cruiser.
US and Japanese Destroyers approach each other screaming the major elements of their fleets
The Japanese lose another ship a destroyer this time as large caliber shells land home
Haruna takes Washington under fire landing minor damage.
The Mikuma is closing the US Cruisrs who are protecting Saratoga
Japanese fire splashes around the US fleet
another US destroyer is destroyed as secondary fire from Kirishima sets ready ammunition ablaze.
The USS Quincy takes have fire and take a have hit to the bridge.
US and Japanese destroyers close to extreme close range and die in a mutual immolation with guns and torpedoes.  The close action is in the best tradition of both sides.  The Haruna takes savage and devistating damage from Washington.  She is a ablaze and is suffering form flooding and a list but
still fighting and she land heavy hits of her own on Lexington. The Quincy and Chester both sink under Japanese guns but the  the Washington has only minor damage.   The Furutaka and Mikuma launch long range torpedo shots at Saratoga and Adrian commanding the Furutaka lands a hit that penetrates her torpedo belt.  He rolls a 20 on the torpedo critical table and the Saratoga is lifted out of the water as a massive internal explosion occurs when one of her magazines is hit.   The Washington probably gets a good deal of revenge the Haruna is certainly sunk in the after math and its probable at least one other Japaneses ship goes down as well but the goal of the mission is to sink the Saratoga and we proved it was possible (the damage she had take made it probably that the Japanese could have done it even if they didn't get the lucky torpedo hit.) Thanks to Hobby bunker for letting us use this outstanding talble

Friday, July 24, 2015

General Bonaparte meets Chain of Command play Test Two (2)

So John M and I met last night to try the same battle as the previous blog again at the Hobby Bunker. This would be John's first actual game as a player, he chose the British and this time I took the French were where armed with several clarifications from the last time around. 
This time I remembered to take some pictures during set up as you can see I went for depth advancing across the table, while John tried for as much lateral distance as he could grab.  I didn't realize that the last flag in play would get locked automatically and so I was a bit more compressed.
I put my firs brigade with its elite light infantry troops on the right with the regulars french troops behind them.
The Polish, Italian and Swiss troops had the center while my mixed brigade of French Infantry and light cavalry took the center.  John had his best troops in the middle I think one of the keys to set up is remembering to save space for the guns.  that space near the center flag that's were the 4 gun french battery is placed.
You can see John has men extended beyond my flanks on both side I have a little depth and room to back pedal if I must.
This would be the POV of the French General.
I begin by moving my elite infantry to the right with my Trelliers Grand Band in  the scrub while the French regulars move to fill the gap to the right of the battery.
My battery fires at the Innikilling but fails to gain any hits and the Corsican rangers move in to mask them (the Inniskilling also moved to the left)
John decided to have is light troops run straight at the guns.. They then discover they roll 0 dice (due to lost dice for shock and facing artillery rated as regular when they are untested)
They are thrown back.

John's artillery has done its own damage to the french on the left.
I use Le Petit Caporal from my special six dice to see off the Corsicans. (Hope I didn't kill any one related to l'Emperor)
I only wanted move this Polish/Italian battalion forward a little bit.. but every time I didn't want to roll a six.. I did.
Sharp firing on the right between the French light troops and the English regulars.
The Inniskilling regiment savages the 1st Battalion of  Polish/Italian troops...
on the right French elites hit the week Hanoverian battalion on the English flank who would hold a surprisingly long time(though they did little damage)
My cavalry catches the elite English light troops we did this part right...
but the combat wrong... and the french cavalry lost badly (light troops defending only count the command stand for combat)  I rolled 3 dice while John rolled 6 it should have been at worst 3 to 3(I say at worst because I feel cavalry attacking skirmishers in loose order should at least get the +50% modifier that cavalry gets against infantry in line, after all skirmish line is less secure then a formed line)
So I loose a stand and the cavalry tumbles back.
The Inniskillings see of the Polish/Italians.. Darn that regiment looks scary!
Shock is piling up on the right as my artillery and musket fire take their toll.
My lights are driven back... and the Hanoverians final break and run
The Inniskillings advance I use and interrupt to blast them with artillery
I prepare the great flanking attack...
but John interrupts my move and charges...
the fight is sharp and we get into a fire fight.... I turn the flank of the English regiment (technically I would have attack the front)
John does a charge of his own with the Inniskilling and trashes another Polish/Italian battalion
The generals part of this battle is over its all about who can give and take the most damage
and of course who can remove the most shock.
those Inniskillings still coming
John does a passage of lines bring up fresh troops but the men are driven back nearly broken by artillery and muskets.
Johns left flank caves in...  and we call the game with about 20 minutes to pick up before the Hobby Bunker closes. I lost 9 stands including one broken units while John lost 18 stands with three units broken... a clear win for the french but an ugly one and it could easily have gone the other way.  Great game.