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Monday, March 18, 2019

Saga Normans and Skraelings

This poste was delayed becasue of my need to get in my Friday entry inot the Anlalog Hobbies Paining challenge and a very bussy weekend. 
Last Thursday John and I met at the Hobby Bunker.  John had book of bbles and we set up for a meeting engament in marshy lands.  We both were playing new warbands.  Mine was brand new my Normans.  Johns wass new in the sense that it was the first time he had used Skraelings since the Saga 2 came out.  I started hout heged in by terrain. John had a force of one levy and 5 points of levy. I had 3 points of Herthguard (mounted) 1 Point in Flemish Mercenaries 1 Point in Cross bow men and one point in levys (with bows)
I Drew first blood with a quick cavalry charge that struck home on turn two with Killing off a unit of six Warriors. John countered casing me off and killing several men with multiple Javelin strikes reducing the unit from 8 to 3 men. (basicly outing it out of action)
Then cam several round of long range sniping and maneuver.
John had the better of exchange leading to the serious reducing of my Crossbowmen.
My warlord killed off 4 warriors driving the rest back but took 4 hits doing it.  (three fatigue and one body guard).
John wen for the Heroic option having his warlord move twice to engage me.  My valiant Norman Barron fell in the battle.
John got his Warlord out of harms way and my Flemish mercenaries took a measure of revenge hitting the Skraeling warriors and driving them back. Both of us made errors with our new battle boards and John's tactic and dice were better tonight.  I managed 10 points to his 16.  I think that when fighting Skraelings I'll leave my Flemish Mercenaries at home in favor of something with more range and/or Mobility.  You can read John's take on the battle here: Meeting Encounter

Friday, February 8, 2019

Hobby space relocated

Since moving to the Ayer House in November of 2018 I've been using our spare bed room as my hobby space. Early on it was also storage. We decided it was time to have a real spare bedroom for guests.  
So a section of the down stairs living room has been fenced off for me to use as a painting ad project space.
There is some nice storage and I might add some more to display some of the painted pieces.
I have gotten some work done this week but I won't have an entry AHPC IX.  That said I'm in very good shape with 676 out of my target goal of 750 points.
I could use your vote for My Mercenary entry: Flemish Mercenaries

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Carnage and Glory AWI Play test for HAVOC

 I was very pleased to get invited to help Rich Wallace play test his game for the up coming HAVOC convention (I almost never make it to this convention as its the same weekend as my wife's birthday) He had created a scenario where Rebels (I commanded a brigade of militia)
 My command started on the picket fence and advanced into the lane to take advantage of the stone wall (or at least deny that advantage to the loyalist infantry that was rushing up at us.
I was just thinking we were in a good position when I got a bad feeling and a Hessian brigade supported by Lt. Dragoons came marching out of the woods.
The Brigade be hind me is scrambling to respond and I have all I can do dealing with the Loyalist and highlanders to my front
The British camp is awake now and is marching out and attacking our line on the left.
While the rear militia brigade was able to forestall the Hessian's nearest the woods the Lt. Dragoons and a battalion of Grenadiers did make it out on to the field.
The dragoons caught a battalion of continental rifle men in column and quickly scattered them coming up in the rear of my right flank unit.
It wasn't all bad news as my militia men are fighting like heroes trading volleys with redcoats are short range and even seding the highlanders packing.
But then the sustained fire fight becomes too much for my left side battalion and it fall back.
The British Press us on the right as well and they charge the artillery pieces in the center as well.
We now have big hole in the center of our line.
and my right most battalion is struck form behind by the 16th Lt. Dragoons and is quickly scattered.
We manage to establish a ragged line of defense.
The continentals on the left make a brave effort to stem the tide but it fall short as the militia units on the right have been battered too badly with 4 units and one battery routed from the field our our army moral breaks.  We had some 40% of our army put out of action adjusted to 25% by the second day when those scatted by the cavalry charges return to their units.  It was a fun scenario and think Rich has learned what he needed to balance the scenario better for the Convention.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Makerspace Game Day: Crossing at St Ulrich

I used the St. Ulrich scenario in the Honors of war book as a starting point but made significant changes. The Grand Duchy of D'Argent is the defender with a brigade of two infantry and one light artillery battery. They also have 3 independent units Two light infantry and one heavy artillery battery. The attackers are the Draconian Empire:  They have one independent light infantry unit, a brigade of two cavalry units and an infantry brigade of 3 regiments and a field gun.
The Chasers de Montana made quick first turn ambush before the Darconian Boarder regiment turned their flanks and drove them away from the main column.  A running battle between the two units of light troops would continue for many turns.
The main lines closed in on each other the D'Argent brigade having elected to advance forward a bit while their Jager battalion has come up on their left to slow down the enemy cavalry.
The Dragonian Cavalry quickly send the quick footed Jagers running. The manage to make it back across the river with but was a near thing.
Both lines of infantry open fire the initial exchange works to D'Argents advantage as the Sheppard regiment is hit hard by musketry and grape break for the rear.
D'Argent regiment L'Rock charged agaist the Draconian battery while Regiment Marini exchanged fire with Draconian regiment Haydenburg and Pain. Draconian hussars just fall short of catching the quick stepping Jagers D'Argent
Rock and the Artillery unit batter each other resulting in both units falling back.  The Haydenberg regiment is scattered by musketry and grape... while the Draconian cavalry cross the rive.
Both units take fire from the Jagers in passing but one of the units of Sappers working to demolish the bridge panics and runs.
Regiment Pain of Daconnia charges into regiment Marini driving it back in disorder but at the cost of its own cohesion as its devastated ranks break up.
Artillery fire shatters the Draconian Hussars as the second unit of Sappers blows the bridge ending the game.  The D'Argent Jagers scramble through the vineyards ahead of the Draconian Dragoons and hold out in the village until the rest of the D'Argent boarder guards can get organized, cross by the fords and drive the dragoons off.  The Draconian main body comes up latter that day and crosses except for the heavy baggage which must wait for a new bridge to be built.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Mama Bear and Cub. 1st Post for th AHPC IX.

My first offering for the 9th Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge is a Christmas Ornament I made for my wife. We have a tradition of exchanging ornaments and I try to make mine each year.
The miniature is from Bad Squiddo and was part of Kickstarter earlier this year.  Annie produces excellent miniatures as I'm sure you all know.
The idea for this ornament came to me as soon as I spotted this piece. I added the cubs's hat for a holiday touch.  I just need to add the string to hang it from the tree (I drilled a hole between the mother and cub).
I think the fur came out well I find fur a challenge but I think I'm getting better at it. For points I think it's fair to call this a 25mm cavalry figure netting me 10 points.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Ornaments for the Grandparents

I did these up for Evelyn's grandparents as Christmas gifts.   They are laser cut wood from AC Moore. I'm pleased with the results and hope that they will be as well. The photo is from last year since we haven't gotten any proper Christmas photos of Evelyn this year. The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge starts today go check out the first entry here: AHPC: IX

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Masumi, Demon Hunter

Another example Bones miniature I'm finally getting off by table.  I'm very happy with the shading on her skin but the cloth came out less well.
The Flash washes out some of the dept especially on the yellow.
The more distant shot doesn't look as washed out. I need to find a new place to get photos as the lighting here seems to washout the miniatures some.