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Monday, September 10, 2018

Small trerrain project.

This past weekend my wife and I went searching out yard sales.  Its something we both enjoy doing when we have a spare weekend and every once and a while you find a nice gem.  This weekend I found a door mat in great shape and it was in the "free pile" so I grabbed it enduring my wife's eye rolling at my reason.
I cut it up during Evelyn nap on Sunday and now I have all the fields I'll need for 15mm games.  In a pinch they could work with 28mm figures though they would be little low for that.  Most folks use a straight yellow brown mat but I think this multi color mats are great for fields.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Bones Mausoleum

 This was one of the pieces that got me to take part in the Reaper Kickstarter Bones III.  Its a great light weight plastic building that will go well on many tables.
 I chose to make mine look weathered but well preserved (suspiciously well preserved)
 The roof came out great I did it in bronze because the sculpting looked metallic to me.  I then created a yellow green wash to make it look tarnished.
 The sides I did in Black, gold and silver bright and shiny
The floor is done with a darker wash and less dry brushing. I did the circle with red to make it a bit spookier.
The opening door works great I wish they had put similar thought it the roof.  It slots into place well enough but it doesn't lift out easily which will be a bit of a pain on the table.  The large number of sculls gives this a bit of Game Workshop look but that's a minor flaw.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tumbling Dice: Napoleonic Warships

The Tumbling Dice Napoleonic Squadron.  Eight ships Seven ships of the line and one frigate.
The Flag ship is a massive 120 Gun ship of the line.  That's a big man of war.
I'm very pleased with the sculpt especially the inclusion of rat lines which help make these ships look more realistic than the other models I have.
I followed the painting guide lines in the Trafalgar book and the ships really came out well.
A pair of large 3rd rate ships of the line, tumbling dice calls them 80 gun ships of the line.
A pair of average 3rd rates 74s according to the Tumbling dice web site
A 64 gun ship of the line on the left and 50 gun "4th Rate" ship of the line that I will probably consider a second 64.
Finally the frigate I think its ASN10 at 38/40 gun frigate.
I think these will work with my Figurehead miniatures.  This is the Figure head 65 and the Tumbling Dice 50 gun ship.  They seem to be a reasonable match.  The Figure head ship looks a little smaller perhaps more delicate.
Since ships of different countries (or even from different builders) could have different designs I suppose they will work well enough.  The lack of ratlines on the Figurehead ships is pretty obvious... and really detracts form their appearance.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Frosgtrave Wizard and Golem

First up we have the Frostgrave Siglaist wizard I did the Aprentice some time ago (actuly this lady has been done for  a long time. but wasn't properly bassed for display.  She's not may favorite of my character form the serise but she'll do.
I'm not entierly pleased with how the head dress cam out.
One of my favorite pices form Bones III.  The Grave golem.
These "wings" were the bane of my existince while painting them as I tried to make them look right.  Its a great piece and I'm looking forward to getting it on the table some tim.

Monday, August 6, 2018

HMS Exeter

Some very poor photos of my newest World War II ship HMS Exeter my first Royal navy ship.
Exeter successfully battle the "pocket battleship" Graf Spee (with the help of HMS Ajax and HMS Achilles)
She had a lot less success as part of the international scratch force of ships opposing the Japanese in the Java sea where she sank in the second battle of the Java Sea.  Her Wreck was found in 2007 but was destroyed by illegal salvage some time between then and 2016.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Petard Assult Team

Robert Burr Gave me these fellows as a Christmas Gift and I have finally gotten them finished and photographed.
The Petard team it self was fun to model I tried to give the impression of charging across a long contested nomane's land on the way to the location were they will hopefully make a breach.
My original officer form Warlord had his sword broken I did a swap arming him with a war hammer from my bits box (and the hilt of a sword so the sheath would not be empty).
Both officers look quite aggressive with their fired pistols in one hand and favored melee weapons in the other.
Dismounted cavalry armed with Grenades!  Throwing explosives to cover friends who are running with a chest of explosives seems like a bad idea to me but it would make me keep my head down if I was on the other side..
Tried not to make these guys match too closely as a forlorn hope of this sort would be made up of men form several units.
These fellows laying down covering fire with their carbines have the right idea.
One of these fellows has very heavy armor and I can't really blame him I'd want as much armor as I could reasonably carry going into assault a breach.
More fellows to join the assault these guys have pistols and swords ready to rush into any breach the Petard can make.
I'm sure these dismounted cavalry men will find a home in my army for Pikeman's Lament, Dragon Rampant and other games.  They are armed to the teeth with and weapons, pistols, grenades and carbines and will make a formidable unit.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Trail Camera

Finaly got some great pictures on the trail camera Ariana got me for Chirstmas