Friday, October 9, 2015

Frostgrave Campaign 3: The Well of Dreams and Sorrows

My Enchanter, Thinneth, prepared for her third expedition to Frostgrave this time seeking out a magical well rumored to be in the ancient city. My scouts tell me there is a Sigilist wizard in the area as well (Mike BG) My Spell mix is as before with the addition of the Posses Spell and the utterly useless, for me at least, Restore life spell (Casting target humber of 24)
I have a new animal companion the Bear, a War hound, two Thieves, Two Archers, a Treasure hunter, a Ranger and a Barbarian. I couldn't resist taking a team photo.
I won the initiative for first turn thus getting my pick of sides, out my wizard raced for the fountain the halfling thieves spreading out to secure tow treasure tokens.  The rabbit ranger is in front of my wizard as a literal meat shield.  My wizard cast Strength (one of the few spells I got off)
Mike started moving his team at the fountain as well going for treasure a top that ruin, and getting his wizard into position...
He successfully cast Blinding light with a very high target number(19) I failed the will spell so my wizard in in tough shape. My apprentices moves up in support(and be able to activate one of the thieves next turn) and my Barbarian moves to cover my wizards flank
Mike's' Treasure hunter get munched by a bear that will give him many problems losing and almost secure treasure token.
I roll well enough to make empowering my will roll to resist the blinding light worthwhile. freeing me up to get tot he well and drink.  Mike's wizard in distracted by an Ice spider for a turn...
I get my archer into a high "ground" position covering the well.  We snipe at Mikes soldiers but miss.
one of Mike's thieves find himself in a tough spot but actually lands a really good hit on the bear.  Mike has slowed my thieves retreat with explosive runes but other wise I am unhampered.
My wizard tries a lightning bolt at Mike's apprentice but I fail the roll taking damage (typica) Still the apprentice looks to be in danger with my hound, my bear (other side of the ruine) my Wizard and two soldiers all in his vicinity.
Mike tries to use push on my tresure hunter but he hangs on and resists the spell securing my third treasure token.
Mike tries to hide is apprentice but my hound is circling behind and my bear advances on his front.  The wild bear and Mike's thief are still locked in combat.
Mike's wizard emerges from cover to make a move on the fountain... and is taken down by my archers... Mike's apprentice meanwhile is only just able to drive off my bear and retreats off a neutral side of the board.   Mike has one treasure token and is in good position of a second... I want my 4th (or even 5th if I can manage it)
My barbarian intercepts Mike's thief and hurts him badly...
Mike gets his second token after taking down an Ice spider.. he also takes down my apprentice with a good bow shot after I fail to "Push" said archer off his perch.
As Mike' ranger has killed my hound and made his escape(with a treasure token) ... my Barbarian goes for the last treasure toke.
My wizard tries for a kill on the batter thief... but loses yet another fight and is pushed back (only minor damage).  Mike just misses killing my Barbarian with a crossbow shot... and my Barbarian then retreats of a neutral side of the board.
With no treasure left that ends the fight.  I got 330 experiences, a reasonable quantity of gold (130 GC), the Belt of Animal Avoidance and 4 potions and 4 scrolls not as good a hall as last time but pretty good.  My wizard is notw 10 xp short of 8th level and this was a clear victory for my, 4 treasure tokens gained, the scenario objective obtained, a rival wizard "killed" and his apprentice driven off.  My apprentice survived but now has a permanent limp meaning a lower move of 5.  I also still suck at casting spells getting off only 3 in the whole game (4 if you count animal companion before the game).  I also lost my war hound who is easily replaced.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Scratch built Frostgrave ruin

This is one of my first efforts at entirely scratch built terrain so please let me know what you think. 
Stage one put the cork board on a balsa wood base.  Added broken bits of cork and  aquarium gravel to simulate wreckage.  I might add more to the center of the building but that could make it harder to place miniatures inside.
Next I primed in White and did a little painting.  Gray for the walls and rubble and a light brown for the window frame
Then printing out a brick tile design I found on Pinterest fro the main floor area.

 Then it was time for some gravel, snow and a few tufts of dried grass poking out from the snow.
 To give it the right look I put snow on top of the walls as well as on the base.
I might want to add just a little snow to the center so it doesn't look cleared out but it will do for now.ready for a game of Frostgrave Thursday night.

Folklore: The Affliction by Greenbrier Games

So there is a cool Kickstarter from a local game company.  The price is a little too high for me, wish they had $1.00 and Add on level as I like the miniatures.

The Dark Altar

A pretty simple pied or terrain from Reaper an alter that is dedicated to or corrupted by some baleful deity.

I went with Black and purple because it just seemed right... another of member of the New Hampshire War Gaming Alliance did almost the exact same colors in revers, Great minds as they say.
The only problem with this pieces the back side is open meaning you sort of have to place it against a wall sort of like a Catholic alter pre-Vatican II. I've since painted the inside all back(this picture shows the issue better) but it still doesn't look quite right.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rabbit on the Prowl

Another Critter Kingdoms figure form Dark Sword.  This fellow will make a fine Treasure Hunter for Frostgrave.
As you can see the basing is quite done for this fellow,  I don't know if I want to go with snow this time or not. He looks quite dangerous though with his rapier and dagger.
The cloak fits with with Frosgrave... I might add some snow to it... I'll post pictures if I do.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Reaper's: Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage

Reaper calls her Hyrekia and as I like that name so shall I. She's from the Bones line and is one there best human sculptures.  Right now I don't have any particular plans for this figure but I did like her look so I picked her up.  She might go in the display box at work or home or she could find work in my proxy war band for the Frostgrave campaign(the one that helps break in new players)
 I was impressed with the sculpting on the hair and I think managed to paint up to the level of the sculpture.  I decided to make her a red head as it just seemed to fit.
 I like her gear, a a practical bag, a copper mug, and a small pouch... enough to imply she has what she needs but that she also values mobility.
Her weapons are interesting... I don't think that staff with its ornate top piece is really a battle weapon but she carries a blade and the hilt style and length suggest it might be a Wakizashi type, it gives her a little extra exotic flare.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Imp or Minor Demon For Frosgrave

This is another excellent Bones figure by Reaper.
 I they call him a Babau Demon and he's an impressive sculpture with his rib bones and horns.
 The sculptor did a great job giving him a sense of motion and I tried to bring that out with my paint job.
 The spines or bones showing though on the backbone are a cool touch their prominence really highlights how other worldly this figure is
I plan to use this fellow as an imo or minor demon either summoned or randomly encountered on the table in Frostgrave.