Tuesday, September 14, 2021

New England Tabletop Gaming Flea Market


Last weekend I got to go to this excellent event at the Polish American Hall in Uxbridge I picked up this box for a very reasonable price. 

One frame of Rohirrim infantry 
Two frames of Rohirrim cavalry 
Two frames of the Forgotten People or Dead from return of the king
Three of large orcs 
Two frames of small orc/goblins these should be great fodder for Age of Magic armies.
I also made a trade for some an Essex Arab warband which should work nicely for some Historical or Magic armies for Saga.  

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

USS Essex


The USS Essex was one of the most famous ships of the Early American Navy. She was one of the subscription ships built by citizens from Essex county Massachusetts.

She had a interesting armament with 30 or more carronades and a handful of 12 pounder long guns. She could deliver a devistatting punch at short range but was helpless against an opponent who stayed out of range.
Essex is best known for her pacific cruise hunting British Whalers until she was caught and taken into the Royal Navy. Essex's exploits inspired Patrick O'Brian's novel The Far Side of the World. 

Monday, September 6, 2021

Age of Sail Merchants


The merchant set from Warlord Games features a large and a small merchant. 

Both are resin with metal masts stun plate and figure head for customization. 

The designs are a little anachronistic especially the lanteen sails off the mizen mast. I some how lost the part for the lanteen so I had to improvise. I modernized the small Merchant with mast prices from an unused brig. Overall nice models.
I also have three schooners printed by Bob Rioux. They wider in the beam than the Warlord schooners so I think I will use them as merchants.
I will probably give them speed and hull stats like a Brig but armed as schooners. The fore-aft rig will help them with tacking making them different from both regular schooners and Brig's. 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Game Day


Back in July I took part in the first maker space Game Day since 2019. We weren't back to our old haunts but Midgard was kind enough to host us. Above other climactic moment as the Cardinals guard over came the Musketeers.
Arofan had one of his great Franco-Prussian games.
I did The battle of Lisa 1811 which was a French victory unlike the historical battle. Lots of fun all around.

Church project


The church I attended St. Andrews Episcopal Church of Ayer has a collection of figure and models that it uses with it's youth program. I had offered my talents (such) as they are to the Minister hand she asked me to paint this set for the last supper.

Her only request was the the Jesus figure stand out and I think I managed this.
The figures were fairly easy to paint almost like a coloring book and I am glad to have been able to contribute to my religious community in a small way.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

First gift schooner

Over the winter my friend Bob Rioux sent me three lovely 3D printed schooners I finally got the first of them finished.

These are excellent little ships superior to those made by Warlord Games.   

This one is painted as a yacht/privateer I need to add some flags but she is basically done.  Thanks again Bob. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Battle of Nassfelden 1813 Republic and Empire

 Last Friday Arofan invited me and several other gents up for a game at his home.  I've gamed a few times with John in person but this was my first big gathering in a long time.

I took command of the Austrians on the left flank... and ended up facing a large number of Young guards under Mark. 
That converted my advance with light troops into a holding action.  
The early game was dominated by artilery. 
With our origional plan stalled we had the Russians on the right and the Prussians in the center advance. 
Fighting in the center was savage.  The Saxon Brigaed on the fight and the French Brigade in the center took an unbelievable pounding. 
After several tunes of sniping at me Mark Lunched a counter attack that if it worked would have turned the allied position. 
My men held thought we were getting thin on the ground. 
The Prussians and Russians push.  The Saxon brigade finally crumbles. 
The French launch a cavalry charge in the center as I restore my line as best I can. 10 French/Saxon units broke compared with 7 Allied both armies are spent its a minor allied victory.