Thursday, February 20, 2020

Challenge X Entry #15: Brigs and Brigantine

Three more ships for Black seas. These will be used a merchants and privateers.
Two standard brigs from warlord unlike many of my recent offering I haven't done any “surgery” on these. 
I kept the both ships in "natural" wood colors this one has yellow trim. 
The second has white trim to distinguish it from the other brigs. Both came out looking quite sharp. They will be used a merchant in a scenario I am working on for a game next month. I opted to use the revolutionary period US Flag. The ships flags can be changed out. 
Speaking of Merchants here I present a creation of my own a Brigantine merchant. A ship built from a couple of larger popsicle sticks, with coffee stirrers for the outer hull. The bow is cut down from an extra frigate bow. 
The stern is made from an extra stern plate from a frigate (you get several more bows and sterns in each set) giving it a finished look. She is rigged as a Brigantine a common ship type used for merchants from America. Basically, she is rigged as a brig up front and a schooner in back. For points we've been saying 10 points for the Brigs. The Brigantine is about the same size so another 10 I'll leave the extra points (if any) for flags and scratch building to the Minion. 
By Paul
Some lovely conversion work here Adam. I love that rather than "nailing your colours to the mast", you have made the flags interchangeable. I'm sure their captains appreciate the opportunity to pull a ruse de guerre or two! 40 points for you Sir, including some bonuses for the additional work and details

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Challenge X Entry #14 Corvette and Merchants

From Adamc: Corvette Schooner (35 points)
Another set of conversion made from two brings "surgically" separated and then reconnected. The main mast was again the biggest problem. The main mast is actually slightly cocked to the side, I was able to get it almost straight with the rigging but it’s still there even if no one but me can see it (at least I hope you can’t see it).
First up is a 24 gun Corvette, a favorite light warship of the French Navy playing much the same role as the Sloop of War in the English and American Navies. This one is a little bigger than the Berceau captured by the USS Boston and then returned to the French and later captured again by the British.
I cut down an extra stern plate from a frigate to make cabin windows for which I think really adds something to the ship's appearance, sort of wish I had done it for the Sloop of War.
Here is the Berceau alongside the USS Delaware the corvette is slightly bigger 24 guns vs 22 guns.
Another combination of brig parts, this time built as a topsail schooner a popular design for trade vessels and Privateers.
I had to build the mizzen mast from scratch, and it came out look pretty good I think its a little large but not overly large. Rigging was a challenge on this one since there are no guides, but I think it came out pretty good. 

She's painted in generic colors because she will probably switch sides fairly often serving at merchant in need of protection. 
This ship started life as a 1/1050 GHQ ship a frigate, I believe it’s on the small side but should work as a small coasting vessel. The ships didn't have masts which made them hard to manages but this one at least now has new life. The jib sails are from tumbling dice the other sail is a piece of cloth.
Here are the two merchants’ side by side the smaller ship looks reasonable even if it started as a ship of a very different scale. Points I figure 15 for the Corvette, 10 points for the schooner and another 5 points for the coasting vessel. There are a few flags that might be worth a few extra points. 


Reconnecting corvettes? Sounds crazy, and I don't even know what a "mizzen" is! Well done Adam, you continue to impress with your nautical efforts. I'm going to toss in an additional 5 points for the general nuttiness of boat surgery, a home-made "mizzen", and all of the other conversion work you have done here to bring us these fine vessels. Great work. 


Monday, February 10, 2020

Carnage and glory: Battle of Pragau

Sunday Rich invited me to take place in a fictional Prussian defense of Prague during the War of Austrian Succession.
I had command of the Cavalry of the Prussian Left with a couple of units of Grenadiers to provide a back stop.  Arofan my opposite number played waiting game hitting me with a battery as I had no gun to reply.
The Austrians in the center moved forward and took devastating punishment from the Prussian grand battery.
The Austrians set on of the objectives on fire taking those objective points away from us. 
Some cheeky Austrian hussars tried to slip into our rear and had to be chased off.
Far to the right the Austrians are on the march and would soon start pressing that flank hard.
After several turns of being hit with artillery I ordered my lead brigade to advance but only one unit went forward. 
Despite disruption of the stone wall we overthrew our counterpart who were caught flatfooted.
this touched off a swirling cavalry battle that was one of the most complicated I can recall.   If the Austrian moral hadn't been hammered by the losses in the center Arofan would probably have done much better he had me out numbed about 3 to 2. 
The battle ended with the Austrian moral reduced to 72% and over 25% casualties.  the 7th Cuirassiers earned honors under my command.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

ACW Campaing Battle 1861.

Dearest Mother Just writing you a few lines to let you know I still live despite having been in the thick of the action near Manasses Virginia.  We were deployed on the right of our lines atop a hill owned by the Henry family.
The Yankees made an attack on our left but our our artillery and the good shooting of the troops form Louisianan and South Carolina broke up their attack.
We Texans advanced on the right and our lead regiment was thrown back in confusion but
We quickly rallied and fired into the advancing Yankees
We exchanged volleys with the federals at close range and there were many dead and wounded on both sides.  I am happy to say that I have escaped unharmed.  My love to you and all at home.
After the battle I got three See the Elephant cards promoting troops from green to regular and a new unit of regular infantry.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Challenge X Entry # 13: Inspired by theTurtle

AdamC: Roundwood Tower the Turtle Service (31 Points)

So this location is based on alternative views of history I was trying to come up with something and since I've been doing a lot of reading about the Early American Navy the Story of the Turtle came my mind. 
The Turtle invented by David Bushnell was the the great grandparent of all submarines. You probably won't be surprised to hear that it was a failure:

At 11:00pm on September 6, 1776, Sgt. Lee piloted the submersible toward Admiral Richard Howe's flagship, Eagle, then moored off Governors Island.

On that night, Lee maneuvered the small craft out to the anchorage. It took two hours to reach his destination, as it was hard work manipulating the hand-operated controls and foot pedals to propel the submersible into position. Adding to his difficulties was a fairly strong current and the darkness creeping overhead, which made visibility difficult.

The plan failed. Lee began his mission with only twenty minutes of air, not to mention the complications of operating the craft. The darkness, the speed of the currents, and the added complexities all combined to thwart Lee's plan. Once surfaced, Lee lit the fuse on the explosive and tried multiple times to stab the device into the underside of the ship. Unfortunately, after several attempts Lee was not able to pierce Eagle's hull and abandoned the operation as the timer on the explosive was due to go off and he feared getting caught at dawn.
Replica of the Turtle
At least one historian claims the above was an invention of American propaganda to frighten the British fleet. I choose to believe the attack was attempted though it certainly failed... Now imagine if Lee had managed to attach his bomb. The Royal navy would have lost the Eagle (damaged or sunk) a great propaganda victory. Probably not enough to change the course of the war but enough to create a legacy of American grit and ingenuity and give any enemy captain within hail of the American shore ulcers.
Years latter when Thomas Jefferson was looking for a defencive naval force (he considered a deep water navy to be expensive and dangerous) he established the US Navy Turtle Service to supplement the gunboat service as a coastal defence force.
The Men of the Turtle Service using an updated version each with a two men crew a pilot and a coxswain (the original Turtle had a one man crew) of the original ship are ready to carry out attacks on any dare to violate the shores of the United states. They are armed with a torpedo activated by a timer fuse that they endeavour to attach to enemy ships before making good their escape. Death in training accidents are common and the members of the corps are viewed as somewhat unstable by their fellow in the conventional navy.
My Turtle is made form a 25mm scale buckler shield as the part of the ship that floated above the water and its barrel torpedo made from a piece of sprue. 
Points I'll claim 1 point for the Turtle and then 30 for the map point I hope you like this silly little project. 

That is a very smart use of a buckler shield and a great bit of history.


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Challenge X Entry #12: USS Constellation and sloop

From AdamC: Quasi-War Ships Constellation and Sloop (30 Points)
More Black Seas a frigate and an armed sloop. The sloop (not to be confused with a sloop-of-war) was built using guidance from the "Too Many Brigs" by fellow challenger Guy Bowers.
First up the USS Constellation one of the "Original Six" American Frigates One of the three smaller 38 gun ships (originally rated 36) and saw as much or more action as any US Frigate in the Quasi-War taking the L'Insurgente in a single ship action. She later battled La Vengeance to a draw. Her nick name "Yankee Race Horse" was apparently given by the French who were impressed with her speed (given that the French were known for building fast ships this is a compliment).
Detail shot of her stern gallery. I'm pretty happy with with the over all results. I arranged the flag so I can change her allegiance if needed. 
Between the Frigates and Brig set and the Master and Commander sets I have lots of brigs so it made sense see how I could use some of them and as I mention above Guy Bowers' had some suggestions. I decided to make a single masted sloop. It can work as a merchant, privateer or letter of mark.
She might also serve as a revenue cutter. She carries 12 guns and should be prefect for representing smaller ships used by both sides of the Quasi-War. 
Points we've scored frigates previously as 18 points I think the cutter though smaller than a brig should be scored the same as brig because of the extra knife and glue work that is to say 10 points. Both ships have two flags and flags usually result in an extra point or two I'll call these 30 points in all.


More great "Black Seas" content! Well done Adam. I love playing games with sailing ships, but can only play games with sailing ships when others do all of the hard work of preparing the model sailing ships - so great job! Hopefully one of the members of our group here in Winnipeg jumps on this...


Monday, January 27, 2020

Challenge X Entry #11 Naval Fortifications

AdamC: Awdry's Atoll Naval Fortifications (40 Points)
For Awdry's Atoll I decided I would build a Martello tower the first level is the required CD the Second an old coaster I was given by work (What does one do with a single coaster? I mean other than make terrain) then I couple of layers of Reaper's plastic bases I got from a kickstarter. 
The Tower is made from the tube scavenged from an old tinfoil box, cut to an appropriate size.
I made a cannon for the roof with a some bits, a balsa wood door, and gun ports made of card and of course a flag staff.
She looks quite right terms of scale and should be tough nut for any attacking naval force.
Next up is a small fort put together with scraps of balsa wood and some putty. 
I got the scale wrong for a true harbour fort in Black Seas but even in 1/700 scale she'll do for small fortification like Fort Montague.
It will serve very well with 1/2400 scale ships. Taken together these pieces fill just under half of a 6 inch cube so I will call it 9 points, pulse 1 point for the flag equalling 10 points for the models. (I can provide dimensions if needed) 
The Atoll adds another 30 to the total for 40 points all in all. I'll need to call on the good Lady Sarah's balloon.

Great scratch-builds Adam. And very useful terrain for Black Seas, etc. I'll go with your suggested points for these.