Friday, January 23, 2015

Teaching game of Flames of War

As several members of the New Hampshire War Gaming Alliance are interested getting into Flames of War I ran a 1000 point game with the 2nd Panzers on one side and the 99th Infantry on the other.  Austin and Dave wanted to work together Austin has a lot of Flames experience but most of it is from way back in Version 1! Dave is a new player.  They took the Germans so I took the 99th We rolled a mission and got Encounter. Sorry I don't have my usual number of pictures as I was distracted by talking through the rules or explaining game mechanics. 
Both side advance cautiously the German half tracks got a bunch of lucky shots on the US infantry platoon bringing it to a halt. The German infantry took some hits in turn form the US Cavalry recon troops. Then I got my armor and anther infantry platoon and make and advance on the left.
The Germans go their own armor just in time to counter my advance.
Shooting was about even on both side though I did get several kills on the Infantry platoon in the woods. German 2cm and MG fire took a heavy toll on my troops as well.
I launched an assault that killed two Germans but lost a tank in return and then failed my motivation to keep the fight going. Normally I would not have launched such an assault but I did it so we could practice an assault.  At this point the game ended in a draw though the Germans had killed one platoon to my none giving them a slight edge.  Every one had fun Dave wants to try running US infantry next time(though he wants 1st ID) so we will probably try something along those lines in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

28mm Napoleonic French Infantry

After doing the Guard D'Argent earlier I decided I would finish up the French I got form John.  I believe  these are all Perry figures. While very nice figures they have reminded me why I don't like 28mm scale for full size units in the Napoleonic period.  Its just too much fiddly detail no one will see on the table but every one will pick up on in the grab a model.  Love this scale for skirmish games and Dark Ages but I find it frustrating to paint for this period. Any way I won't be stumbling on them each time I go into the dead lead box so that feels good.

So I present to you what I intend to be the final two units of Napoleonic French I plan on doing in this scale. Note I had no Porte Drapeua figures so I had to modify two musketeers to carry the Eagles and colors.

I must confess I cheated a bit using army painters Ultramarine Blue primmer to prep the figures.
Thanks to this I only had to deal with picking out the details and the part of the uniform that are not dark blue
I varied the trouser colors, brown, gray (I was going for untreated linen) and off-white

 I also had two men firing who will join small cloud of skirmish troops.

All in all I have one unit with 15 figures, one unit with 14 figures and 2 skirmishers.  Since I was using up what was left I wound up with some odd numbers in the unit but all and all that is 31 figures all 28mm.  

Theses will make nice addition to the French force for Waterloo at Huzzah.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

15mm WWII US Recon Vehicles

 You saw my I&R platoon earlier in the challenge well I got them some rides.

This fellow was a mistake I thought I had picked up an M20(which I need to work with my Tank Destroyers) not an M8 but making the best of the situation I painted it up.

 Now with this model I can run a cavalry Recon unit (one M8 and two jeeps) in addition or instead of the infantry recon.

The Jeep it just says "America in World War II" these little guys are every where in the US order of battle.

So you can never have too many.  Its one of the few model Battlefront builds with a lot of stowage on the model.

I added the German helmet hood ornament.  The man at the machine gun is actually from Forged in Battle and came out of my dead lead box but he fits nicely.

Challenge Week 7

It was a very productive week for me.  I submitted 188 points worth of painting and move up for a brief time to 9th place in the points standing (I have since fallen back to 11) with a total of 800 points.

This weeks projects included some rides for my recon troops.
and not quite the the last drop of 28mm Napoleonic troops who have been cluttering my dead Lead box for far too long.
At some point this week the points for the Fighting Irish from the Bonus Theme Victorian should be added to my total.
There are 36 total 15mm figures that should net me 72 points plus the additional 50 points for participating in the bonus round(122 points if your keeping score).  Means I should have 900 + points going into Monday(Curt can give higher or lower numbers at his discretion so I don't want to assume) meaning I am very close to reaching my initial target of 1000 points.  There are 57 days to go in the challenge (as of this post) so I need to up my point total but we will wait to officially announce the new target after the old one has actually fallen.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cuthwulf Takes the Field

Up to this point Cuthwulf has been a raider (and its been a rather mixed career at that) but last week he took the field for the first time as a battle captain against the Briton Antoninus.   Dux uses a random entry point I got the right flank corner for mine while John was in the center.  Its an interesting mechanic
The British force is ready for action
Warriors and the house hold troops of Antoninus advance to meet the Saxon host
Saxon Archers score a light hit or two then fall back not the rough ground.
Elite Saxon Warriors under the command of Osbert are the first to charge into contact.
The battle is fierce but Osbert breaks the Briton Warriors though at a hard cost (his force is reduced to 3)  John losses 4 men but more important is the 8 shock that send his largest formation routing.
Cuthwulf attempts a charge but dice fall short and the Briton units under Antoninus fall back..
Further than intended beyond their own levies... Again I try to launch a massed charge but again the dice fall short.  This gives Antoninus and the other Briton leaders time to form the levies into a shield wall and to each join a group of levies.  This alows them to almost match me in dice when I charge. I have 32 dice while John rolls 28...
Both sides do considerable damage but the Shield wall negates the 1st hit on each group of levies.  John got almost as many hits as I did and the same number of kills (but all of of his kills count) so my men have lost this fight.  
With the entire Briton Force now deployed in shield wall my chances on victory are nil.  I fall back hoping John will follow and I can pounce on a unit that gets exposed but he is too clever for that.   We were playing on a Friday so there was time pressure to finish the game by closing time at 6:00 PM so we skipped the pre-battle events next time we will do these.   Check John's Blog for the Briton History of this campaign so far: Chronica Iohannes

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Challenge Entry Tank Destroyers

I'm an avid player of friendly (ie non-tournament) games of Flames of War.  When the new tank destroyer rules came out with version 3 many felt that these lightly armored but heavily gunned armored vehicles were "Broken."  I was never as convinced of this as others, but I did have the feeling that many people didn't find them fun to face so as a friendly gamer I avoided them.
Battle Front has changed the rules to address these issues and you don't see nearly so many complaints these days.  Since they are cool looking vehicles and quite handy when facing the super heavy German armor has been featured in several of recent books I decided it was time to get some.
I really like the detains on the turrets and the fact that you can see the crew and the ammunition.
I added several pieces of stowage from my dead lead box.  My one complaint with these models is they did not include any stowage to make the vehicles unique.
There are two 15mm vehicles with three crew each which should give me a total of 18 points.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Challenge week 6

This was a pretty quiet week for me just two projects finished.  Weather was again a culprit though wanting to watch the Patriots on Saturday night and wanting to get in some war-gaming on Sunday cut into my painting time as well.  I do have new stuff ready to paint now and hope to be back no track for Monday.

Truth be told I am in good shape with 612 points and after points are awarded to Victorian Bonus round I should have over 700 point out of the 1000 I set as a goal.  
This week I painted the Fighting Irish for my Bonus Theme entry. These will be a great addition to my Union Army for Longstreet.
I also did some painting for my Flames of War armies.  These two tank Destroyers will be a nice addition to any force I field in mind or late war.

I will have fuller posting for both of these soon.

I have 200+ points in the pipe line ready to go a mix of 28mm French (I have lost my mind!) more Dark Age Warriors, my Myth Bonus Theme entry and more Flames of war.  Plus I picked up a pair of Long Toms I am assembling as I wait for paint to dry. I was in 12th place on Monday and have only fallen to 13th so far this week.