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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Bloody Lane (second defense of the sunken road)

On June 15th John and I decided to play pickets charge again correcting a couple of errors we made on the sunken road.
I split my batteries putting one on each flank this time and set up a central reserve brigade to plug the hole I expected John would blow in my main line (see the last game)
John had a lot of weight on each flank. 
I got some lucky rolls up front causing 4 casualties and causing a failed moral role for John's center brigade. 
On my right flank John's force start to take punishment form my infantry and artillery.  This time we remembered to use the bounce through fire rule making artillery much more effective.
On my left the Union troops are advancing and have started to punish my left most regiment.
John's center is still trying to get his center going as he was having bad luck with moral roles.  Still his flanks are pressing in on the right
And using in the greater space for maneuver on the left he has my skirmishers back stepping fast.
The center and right flank troops are moving forward and powerful volleys are exchanged.  Remembering the extra casualty dice units in the road get to roll in this scenario is helping me get the better of this exchange but...
Its not enough to prevent John from mounting two powerful charges.  
Unfortunately for Union hopes Confederate troops aim true.  In the center one entire  battalion of Yankees disintegrated under fire causing moral disruption among the following units.
on the Right two Yankee regiments rout and others are badly disrupted
John drives one of my units back with flanking fire and I send forward my reserves!.
John begins to reorganize his right flank attack.
While his left flank attack presses home...
only to be thrown back by my on rushing reserves... I had really good dice this game while John's were only average. Still the game played well and was fun.  The Pickets Charge rules are well worth checking out if you get the chance.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Defending the Sunke Road

Last summer John got me the Picket's Charge rules as a "baby shower gift" we finally dusted off our old Civil war troops
This game gives riffled muskets very long ranges if you use the extreme range rules (though we gave it to every one not just Veterans).  one of my units here is marked with smoke indicating a loss of fire discipline.  Basically they are to busy blazing away at the enemy to move next turn (this happened in Civil War battles)
Great shot of the Union units advancing on the sunken road.

Just before a particularly nasty exchange of musketry.
John's artillery finally got some good rolls hamming one unit and causing their brigade to falter...
Forcing them to fall back.
Fortunately John's advance on that side of the field is suffering some uneasy spirits as well.  On the other side of the table a Union charge dislodged another part of my line.... (sorry no pictures) but its certain I was in trouble.
Unfortunately John had to call the game.  I wouldn't mind another crack at it now that I have a better feel for the rules. Brigade moral is seems to be fragile especially when men start charging or the Artillery hits hard.  I enjoyed Pickets charge and would play it again though I think I still prefer Longstreet.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Great War Germans for Huzzah!Con 2018

Once again I will not be able to make it to Huzzah this year but troops I painted will apear in the club game.
This reenforced squad or small platoon of German Imperial troops are done in historical colores (as best I could judge them.  I did the putties in the horizion blue of the French.  I'm assuming they are from captured stocks.
I understand that the camaflage helmest may not have been univerals but I liked the look so I went rule of cool this time around. 
I ran out of time so plane bases will have to do... they shouldn't detract too much on the table.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Sunday Saga

Two weeks ago (or there abouts I think it was 4/15)  My friend Mark cam to my house to take part it the first war game to be hosted there since it was purchased. We got in two games with a few interruptions form Evelyn (who was napping most to the time).
In the first game Normans face Irish and the fighting opend up fast a furious.  Mark trading two hearth guard for my champion
Sons of Dana and javelins got still more Mounted Normans
It was a close run thing but my Warlord taking advantage of cover was able to survive and launch a counter attack that routed mark form the field.
In the Second Game Mark was more comfortable with is list (this was his first game of Saga 2 and his first game of Saga in years)  I played my Norse Gaels for the first time.  They've changed a lot and I had to do some adjusting.
Charging straight into bows and cross bows was not a great idea though I just about broke even in the end.
Next time the slaves don't get the hard cover.
Interestingly they did pretty good when thrown at the cavalry (Howling axes and combat pool will boost even Levys into something that can hurt).
It came down to warlord against warlord I survived but barely.
Mark took may warlord with a follow up charge from his Hearthguard.  I almost managed force a draw but Mark road me down in the end. A fun Sunday afternoon of game.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Death in a Tight place

So I am way behind on Blogging (Dad Life) since John already has an AAR up of this action I'm writing it first before my games with Mark that happened on the 22nd.   Death in a Tight Place was a scenario I wrote myself (see Scenarios for Saga) and this was its first Play test. My army consisted of two Curaida, three points of Irish Hearth Guards on foot (in two units of six), on point of mounted Hearthguards and one point of Vagrant warriors.  John had 5 points of Saxon(Germanic peoples) warriors and a unit of scouts (8 mercenary Levys)
John moved up quick with his first move and even scored first blood with bow shots form his scouts.
The Saxon's were quickly threatening the flank.  The flanking warriors and scouts were quickly up on my left side Hearthgard and drove them back killing 4 of 6.
Vagrant Warriors and Saxon Clashed in the center and arrows killed more of the Vagrant warriors.

I opted to fall back at this point concentrate my infantry in the center and let the cavalry guard the right flank.
At this point I realized that my strategy should have been to hurl my hard to kill Curaida at the Saxons from the start.  I began to do this to Johns frustration.
The Saxon storms break in the center killing the last of the vagrant warriors and exhausting my Warlord.
But champions and Hearthguard finish that unit. On the right my cavalry can only manage to slow down the warriors on that side.
 John is bring in up his endless waves units (replacements) as I try to reorganize my forces
John's Warriors on the right kill five of six Hearthguard and I am entering my last stand.
First one Curaidh and then the other are slain.
Another unit of Saxon warriors goes down.
My Warlord now fighting all but alone makes a final charge.  He finishes off one more Saxon unit.   John edged me in points Killing but 3 hearthguards and my Warlord.