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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Honorbound: The Homelands

While a student at Marquette University  I took part in a D&D campaign that became the springboard for a long running series of adventures.  My roll was fairly short as I graduated and then moved home but I kept in touch and even helped a bit with writing things up. Christian the DM and world creator did a series of books.  I got a copy of the frist one as a thank you for my small (very small) contributions.
For some reason my copy survived and other peoples did not.  I recently found my copy when I was packing for the move.  This was timely as Christian committed suicide this past summer.   I hadn't been in contact with Christian for some time. I saw him on Facebook and we occasionally talked there and had many friends in common.  The homelands were an interesting setting a culture that was a mix of Scandinavian and Native American elements.  One aspects was the presence of spirits (minor supernatural powers) that interacted with human.  They even interbred with humans my character (a Wizard named Norrind Glimmersson) had a gold spirit as a grandmother.  It was a tremendously fun campaign that I would love to go back and play in again...