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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rommel Operation Battle Axe Day 2

 John and I met for our second game using Rommel.  The scenario assumes a historical result on the first day.  This time I as playing the Brits while John had the Jerrys.
 Oh my 8.8s on Hafid ridge!  Lovely paint job John!
 I very historically lead with my chin,  I mean armor I roll badly so despite the flanking bonus
 the Jerrys send my tanks tumbling back on the right flank.
 On the left the advance is lead by guards and Indians moving to the cover the flanks of the men at 'Fort' Capuzzo.
 I manage to throw back Johns initial counter thrust and hit several of his "tipped" (disorganized) units on my turn.
 I do some damage but nothing too significant.
 Guards and the 4th Indian division approach Hellfire pass.
German reinforcements arrive and strike my weakened right flank.
 Heavy fighting in the center around 'fort' Capuzzo  the Germans are driven back.
 British troops take Hellfire pass crushing the Italian troops in the process.
 I launch an attack that at the time I said would either be a disaster or win me the battle (I was wrong on this point)
 My Matildas waltz in smashing damaged panzer battalion and take the German supply point.  Placing John under some fairly heavy restriction (though not as bad in reality as we played them due to a misunderstanding. )
 British troops begin an all out assault on the town fortified by the Italians.
 But the Germans (despite poor supply) drive back the British form an objective on the right...
 Indian troops continue to grind down the Italians I think I could have taken this objective if I had had one more turn but it was getting late the Germans have three other objectives (including one of mine) so my performance was better than the historical result but still a German victory.
 German/Italian losses were significantly higher than Commonwealth losses (perhaps John will report out in the comments).  I did suffer heavy losses among my Cruiser and Crusader tanks but only Two infantry battalions were lost... this should put me in a better shape when we revisit this and play day 3.  We played 7 of 8 turns and had to end as I had to get home and relieve my wife who had Evelyn by her self.