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Friday, December 1, 2017

Amhers (NH) Maker Space Game Day

My friend Dave organized this event and it was a smashing success. We are already looking at a date in January.
 I started the day playing some Victorian Science fiction games helping the Venusian natives repel British Imperialists.
This game attracted many players so after a few turns I bowed out to play in Dave's Frostgrave: Salem.
 I played a which hunter and successfully killed Frank's witch.
I also helped Dave's Magistrate liberate insure the captured witch was delivered for "enhanced interrogation."
 In the afternoon I ran my Gunfight on the Arctic Circle and Frank made a gallant effort to battle his way past Dave Soucy and the USS Washington.
 Both sides suffered heavily during the closing phase of the action it was a bad day to be in a US or Geman Destroyer.
 Yes as a last effort the Tirpitz actually did try to launch torpedoes at the Washington, but sank beneath the waves before the action could be completed.

Sorry for the delay on this report its been a busy time.  You can see additional pictures on my facebook page  Another event is planned for January.

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