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Friday, November 10, 2017

Painting Challenge #8

Its November Which means we are weeks away from the start of winter here in New England and the start of the 8th Analogue hobbies painting challenge around the world.  I'm being a little presumptuous because Curt the Great Snow Lord has not yet officially announced the challenge for this year but it seems likely to happen.  
Pike and shot troops form last year's Challenge
I'm planning to take part again this year my 4th challenge(?!) so I guess that makes me a regular or maybe just crazy. With Evelyn and a new house to look after I'm lowering my point totals. I'm thinking 500 is a reasonable target.  I have the miniatures but I might not have the time to clime higher than that.
So what am I planing paint you ask?  I've got a number of miniatures that I hope will provide some more specific character to my Norse-Gale and Irish Armies for Saga.
I also have a TON of Bones miniatures that should prove useful for bonus rounds and general painting.   I've also got a bunch of US Great War miniatures and 2018 would be the perfect year to paint them only problem is I have no projects to use them for.
My Friends in Maine will have another project relating to the Huzzah! convention that I am sure I will volunteer to paint for (and hopefully not regret doing so).

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