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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gunfight on the Arctic Circle

My friend Dave Valtinine  is hosting a gaming event at the Amerhert Makers space on November 18th I'm running this scenario (of my own creation) durring the afternoon scession.

Gunfight on the Arctic Circle
Rules: Naval Thunder
Number of Players: 2-4
Background:  May 1942 the USS Washington and her escorts have been assigned to assist the Royal navy in providing distant escort to convoy PQ-15 to Murmansk.  Tirpitz and other heavy German units have sortied.  The British ships have had to turn back because of a collision between two major ships leaving the US task force to face the Germans on their own.  The two fleets will meet the Ice coked waters of the Norwegian Sea. 

 Historical Note:  The Washington did in fact escort convoys PQ-15 and the King George V was forced to turn back due to ramming the destroyer Punjabi.  The German’s didn’t make an appearance and one of the only chances for a “one-on-one” duel between an American and German Battle ship was lost to history.

US Forces: USS Washington; USS Wichita (Flag ship); USS Tuscaloosa; 4x Destroyers Benson class

German forces: Tirpitz; Admiral Hipper; Admiral Sheer 3x Destroyers Narvick class

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