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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fort Devens game day 2017

This is my second year at this event, this year I didn't run a game this year but played Carnage and Glory run by Rich Wallace.  My daughter tagged along (and didn't take much notice of the outing)
My friends Dana(who to the picture) and Jess (in the back ground) also joined us Dana served with me on the confederate side while Jess joined the darn Yankees.
The Yankees were wise but cowardly and stayed behind their fences rather than advancing to face us man to man. Peter launched a strong attack on the union guns to the left and Dana and I advanced in the center.  The action was short and sharp we did hurl back the first line of Yankees...
but the second line and Jess' troops on the flank then launched a counter attack.  
My second line troops try but are too few to plug all the holes.  The Confederates suffer a significant defeat. Sorry I wasn't able to do a more detailed report but with our recent move I have been pressed for time and the details have slipped from my mind.  Evelyn was great many of the guys commented on who quiet she was.  One even claimed he forgot I had brought her.  I hope this is the first of many such outing.

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