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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Battle Star Play Test 2

Tim broke out the BattleStar models and his updated rules again last night and once more I was the admiral for the Imperious' Cylon forces.  As you can see they are bigger this time and included two Basestars and a Command Carrier.  I also have a Hydra light carrier and two Medusa destroyers (the six pointed stars ships)
my foes are the Colonial forces commanded by Bob. They also  have a bunch of capital ships I love Tim's new models.
My mission is to kill all the Human capital ships they need to get off the board between the two asteroid fields "south" of the nebula.
My plan is to use one Base Star and the lighter ships as a hammer on the left while the other Base Star the Command Carrier act as an anvil blocking the escape route.  The nebula limits line of sight and give stealth to ships in side it.
I moved in and started hammering Bob's destroyer in the center I figures all capital ships are worth the same 2 points so kill the smallest first.
Action at range didn't cause much damage so we both closed in...
Close range shooting resulted in lots of hits but not a lot of damage after about two turn I have one ship that is crippled and time is running down. Tim plans to lower the ships damage thresholds and make them easier to hit. (Bob and I did not help by both rolling on the low end of the Bell curve last night)  I think that increasing Capital ship weapons ranges would make a great deal of difference most of the rail guns only shoot 12 inches.  We spent a fair amount of time with few or no ships in weapons range.  It was a fun game we had to call it at this point for time when it was very hard to say who had an edge.