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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Carriere's Texas Brigade my planned Longstreet force

So in planning my force for Longstreet I wanted to use a historic force as my model.  True its going to deviate but I like having some basis in history.
The State of Texas Monument at Gettysburg 
 Since we had more Yankees then Rebels in our group I went south and will fight "those people."

After some consideration I settled on Hood's Texas Brigade.   I had a slight obsession with the Alamo as a kid (I blame the Disney Chanel and Fess Parker) so it seemed appropriate to give this a nod by fielding a force of Texans.   This historic Brigade was initially commanded by John Bell Hood a man who shone has a Brigade and Division commander but who probably did his cause more harm then good when place in command of an army.

Long Street starts its Grand Campaign with 3 Units of Infantry 1 Unit of Cavalry(that functions both mounted and dismounted)  and 1 Unit Artillery.

My initial infantry regiments therefor will be the 1st, 4th and 5th Texas infantry regiments.  At the start of the Civil War the Texas Brigade had no cavalry but in June of 1862 they were joined by Hampton's Legion which had Infantry Cavalry and artillery.  So the Legion's Cavalry will be my force of horsemen and I will portray them dismounted with the infantry of the Legion, they will of course be Dismounted cavalry as far as the rules are concerned but I plan on using infantry stands for the figures.

The 18th Georgia and 3rd Arkansas will be my go to infantry units for replacements as they served along side the Texans at various times.