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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Heavy Machine Gun Bunker for Flames of war (Work in Progress)

While world War II generally brings up images of Blitzkrieg and a war of movement there were lots of time were it was really a slogging fight for the next hill, cross roads or simply the next few yards of ground. Fortifications played their role in these fights.  Battle front makes some but I decided I make my own.  I don't normally do works in progress but in this case I wish I had gotten some shots earlier in the build.  So with out further preamble here are my HMG Nests about 75% complete.

I made up a bunch of putty sand bags and laid them out in a line about a 3rd of the way back on a standard Medium base I bent the line back at the ends.  I then took match stick, cut it to size and placed it in the center of the line to make a firing slit. then piled more sand bags on top of it and to the side. 
Having created the wall of sand bags I then used more tooth picks to make a roof of sort and used a few to create a sort of "mine shaft" like door at the back.  I then covered the tooth picks with Spackle. I used English Uniform (Vallejo paints) to cover the Spackle once it had dried and black to color the entrance and firing slit.The sand bags were painted in Khaki (Vallejo again).   Obviously a second coat or touch up will be needed in a few spots.
 The next step will be to flock and dress the tops of the nests and put some cover in front and on top because the occupants would try to hide these positions as well as they could. Once that is done these will be ready to join several Axis or Allied armies.