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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hail Ceaser Defending the Sacred Grove

 Bob and I command the German army defending a sacred grove here is the druid marking the objective.
 Tim (left) commands the army of Rome.  Bob and I each have wings of a German army that is coming on board form the two long sides of the table.
 My archers open the game.
Roman Auxiliary Cavalry charge but come up short and take shots from Bob's skirmishers
 On the board we come ready to kill the Romans.
 Roman Cavalry charge and enter prolonged combat with our Generals personal guard.
 I have formed up next to the sacred lake, long range hots are not doing much but we are killing a few Romans
 Round Two the Romans Break our best uniforms despite being both "brave" and "stubborn"
 One of my war-bans charged and broke the Roman Archers the Roman Legionnaires came up short...
 I charged and broke that first Roman cohort!  and then fall in turn to the following Romans
 My last War-ban tries to charge but blunders and moves backward.

 Waiting for the Last Roman charge.
 In the center Rob's war band takes out the Roman Auxiliaries but is broken in turn
 The last German war-ban is crushed.  The German cavalry who managed one good charge to kill the Roman Cavalry spent 4 turns doing nothing and now ride off to "get help" the Romans win the day.  Below are some more of Bob's fine miniatures.