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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hampton Legion Infantry

Finished up my first unit Confederate troops for Longstreet.  They will function as dismounted cavalry for the Hampton's Legion or as an additional infantry unit(s).  Hampton's legion served with the the Texas Brigade in 1862.
 There are 16 stands all together I will do up a couple of command stands latter when the figures arrive.
Cavalry units in Longstreet have a max size of 8 bases so here you see them as they will appear on the table in two units of 8 (if I get a second cavalry unit)
 I was in the mood for something different on the bases so I used this fall foliage mix from "Secret Weapon"
 Over head view these are Bluemoon figures I did not find them quite as nice as their 18th century figures but they are good quality figures.  There was a fair amount of flash that had to be cleaned up and I kept finding more as I worked on them.
 But in the end they painted up nice.
 I tried to vary colors a fair bit with in a gray and brown palate with some splashes of color like the red blankets.
 Over all I am please with the results.  I am trying out a new photo location and I think it worked out well.
Always interested in thoughts and suggestions on how to make the next set look even better.