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Friday, September 20, 2013

French Resistance for 15mm Bolt-Action or other skirmish games

 After some discussion with Adrian we decided we would paint up some troops to do Skirmish games for World War II specifically we plan to play Bolt action with them. So I have 15 stands of French resistance and OSS troops.I will probably need more of these but I have plenty. I got the FFI Company set a while back but Flames of war has very few lists you can use them with.
French Resistance soldier with a Sten Gun
 Resistance fighter with a French made rifle.
 Our Heavy Weapon team with a captured MG42
 A resistance leader point out targets to his men.
 He is armed with an SMG of some sort probably captured form the Germans
 Resistance fighter with a Piet.
I think this is an Enfield rifle this guy looks very French he probably spent a lot of time in the art district of Paris drinking smoking and complaining.
 French Light MG gives this resistance fighter a lot of fire power at least while the clips last.
 Our token Lady fighter taking aim the the le Bouch

 Advancing with a carbine he makes me think of a fisherman it probably the hat (which doesn't show well)
 Another Sten Gunner
 Our gorups "sargent" that could be his old uniform coat cut for civilian life or maybe its just a rain coat.
 Our gallant leader pistol in his pocket and his old uniform coat.
 Two OSS volunteers these guys went with my Artillery but the staff team base was too crowded so the find new duty.
The OSS Leader a volunteer from the Paratroopers who has jumpt into France a head of the D-day invasion to cause touble