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Monday, September 9, 2013

Flames of War Paratroopers

I got these Paratroopers from a friend who's wife was making him pick hobbies and he decided to get out of war gaming.  These figures are from the Battlefront's Paratrooper box set thought I did not set them up quite the same way the box suggests.
 Bazookas are an essential part of any US infantry list they keep the Panzers from taking undue liberties
 I like this pair especially because there is a strong suggestion of action in both figures and they complement each-other perfectly
 Rather than mix my browning .30 caliber LMGs into the infantry stands I decided to use some extra bases and make a one section(4 stands) airborne Machine-gun section. Helps make the box and even better value.
 the broken tree stump is from musket miniatures an odd little box of odds and ends I found at 3Trolls a few months ago.
 Of course any army spends at least as much time marching as it does shooting.  I really like these marching MG men.  There are two more mixed in with the infantry platoons.

 1st Platoon with 9 infantry 1 command and 1 60mm mortar.
 This platoon leader is clearly a man of action charging ahead his .45 colt in hand calling on the men to follow and you know they will.
 The sculpts are all Battle Fronts normal high standard some are a bit bulky but Paratroopers when into battle with a lot of extra kit strapped to their uniforms. Each platoon has only one LMG armed soldier rather then having them on half the bases. Late War a lot of Airborne list give you the option to make them Rifle teams so I have modeled them as such. 
 I'm a big fan of the 60mm Mortar a great weapon in the game having single ones per platoon is not optimal but its still a very handy weapon.
 2nd Platoon again 9 infantry 1 command and 1 mortar
 This platoon leader looks more like he is carefully leading a patrol or perhaps giving the signal to wait up to the guy with the grenade beside him
 some of these figures were  partly painted by my friend like those on the right I just picked out some detail on his point job and added a layer or two of wash.  They  blend reasonably well but I think you can probably pick out my work vs. his.
The Company CO, looks down range as one of his non-coms points out the enemy positions.
behind him the radio man is ready to call for support from the company's mortars or form heavier weapons up the chain of command.
The 2ic has his field glasses out and is signaling the men to put their heads down while he checks out the situation.  The second fellow is more concerned with passing on the signal than with hitting the dirt him self.  Maybe he's a 90-day wonder the 2ic is trying to coach up before putting him in charge of a platoon.
I painted the 2ic on the the left while my friend did the basic work on the man on the right.  Both style work, they even work reasonably well together. My base coat of paint is lighter and more weathered while his looks more like the uniform is newly issued and has yet to fade.