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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flodden 1513

Rich designed this scenario for the Boston Trained Band a battle that happened 500 years ago Flodden rules are Hail Caesar.  I had command of the tree units along the back there the Scottish reserves which included a units of French knights (on the left).
The Earl of Bothwel my commander.
My favorite flag three hedgehogs the perfect emblem for a pike unit
The Scottish line after the first move. We had a plan to sweep left... bad command tolls mean that we charge straight ahead.  Most of the Scottish forces are "impetus" meaning if a command roll fails they go straight at the enemy.  My Scots are not impetus must be the French drill instructors.
The English have elected to receive.
King Jame's line is getting ragged you will see my own well disciplined troops are in good order.
Scottish Pikemen slam into English Longbow men.... it didn't go well for the English
The Sottish are making their way across the swamps it ugly but not as bad as I though as our disorder goes away at the end of our turn.
Pike vs Bills its ugly but in most cases it actually goes our way
Over we go my Hedgehog unit is on the right supporting James and his men.
We take the English gun!

The English horse try to plug the hole Now we Scots have an ugly hole in our center.
Some of our pikes sweep through the town breaking a unit of archers and pike charges horse (talk about a turn around).
The fight reaches it climax
On the far left the English are doing well but are too tied down killing Scots to support the center.
The Scottish center prepares for the final thrust.
On the far Right an English force and a force of Highlanders under Argyle have been "charging" (one movement at a time) all game but finally make it into contact.
The last Scottish Pike unit is overwhelmed...
The English army with its commander Surrey leading makes one final desperate charge
The battle on the right continues it will be a hard day for the Argyle.
The results of the final clash.  Not as conclusive as we Scots had hopped but Rich declares the English army exhausted.  The Scots break through and their king survives (much better then the historic out come).
 Club members discuss the out come of the battle.