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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Maurice a the Whiz

 Nick wanted a a chance to try Maurice and I was happy to oblige. Ariana was working so I was able to go to the Whiz on a Sunday.  It was great to see the crew down there. I fielded the Duchy of D'Argent 2 elite infantry, 5 trained and 1 conscript infantry.  I had one irregular infantry (in the woods) 3 guns and 4 cavalry 3 trained and 1 conscript. Nick had 2 elite cavalry 5 trained cavalry 4 trained infantry and 1 conscript infantry and 2 guns.
 The game started as many Maurice games do with a cannonaded that did little to either side.
 After a few turn of maneuvers Nick launched his first cavalry charge French Maison Du Roy cavalry charge the Duchess and Prince Carriere dragoons
 The Duchess Dragoons win but prince Carriere is driven back.
 I start pulling in infantry from the right wing.
 The Duchess dragoons face anther charge against two French cavalry to my surprise I won.
 At this stage I had brought my infantry up and established a line Nick's cavalry rush has been blunted I had some tense moments.

 At this stage I was in control of the battle having march part of my infantry on Nick's infantry while using the rest to press his cavalry back.  The Duchess Dragoon made a daring charge and broke two French cavalry units.
 As you can see I was left with my flank exposed....
 And Nick pounced breaking that regiment.  Musket fire got a several other French units
Nick finished the game with charge he lost one unit on the left but almost broke my conscripts on the right at this point he asked for terms.  I granted Nick honers of war giving me a minor victory 3 Epic points.  3 cavalry regiments were broken.  Regiment Triggs was promoted to trained and Regiment L'Rock was promoted to Elite. (at least that would have happened if it were a campaign)