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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ironclads at Game castle

Still painting building my Confederate army for Longstreet so I spent the evening running part of the Confederate States Navy with Rob while Ted commanded to USN Ironclad Monitors.
 The three CSN Ironclads...
and this little tug boat with this medium gun
 Ted's two Ironclads note the field gun on the back.
 The USN prepares for battle.

 Ranging shots
 My night starts its run as I get hit and I mean hit hard by the union guns.
 Rob cuts through the formation guns blazing as I try to move into position to ram...
just as Ted gets a lucky hit and cuts my speed in half.
 I ram any way and get some damage on the gray strip monitor and then miss the other iron clad
 I am pummeled again at this point I am hopping I get one more shot be for I sink!  In fact I joke that the my last order is to double shot and fire the cannon then throw a match in the Magazine and swim like crazy.
 Rob gets a ram and then I let fly naturally I score heavy damage on the gray stripe monitor and sink it while Rob's ship is stuck to it after a ramming attack!  The next hit sinks me.
 I Gun boat has snuck around the Island into the Monitors blind spot and lest fly. My shot its and penetrates the turret knocking out one heavy gun!  Hooray for Dixie!
 Rob's dice have gone cold and so have mine and Teds no more hits are recorded despite several turns of shooting. We call the game.  I think its a draw both sides are beet to hell the US lost half their fleet.