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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sharpshooters for Longstreet

Sharp shooters are an improvement you can give your regiments in Long street.  They give you the ability to re-roll up to for bases worth of fire when skirmishing (so the unit needs at least 4 bases for full effect).
Sharp shooters represent a company of picked marksmen attached to the unit once there it stays until that unit is broken. The Union army had special shaprshooter regiments.
I don't believe the Confederacy had any equivalent so lets just say this is an enterprising officer gathering the best marksmen and hunters in the unit.
Sharpshooters neither add nor detract from unit strength so this picked men approach works for me.
I mounted the marks men on a washer, filled the hole with putty and then flocked them.  The Autumn foliage from Secret Weapon overwhelms the base in a few cases but mostly I love the look.