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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

3rd Arkansas for Longstreet

 9 new stands of infantry representing the 3rd Arkansas (officers are still on order).  The 3rd Arkansas joined the Texas brigade late in 1862 after a reorganization of the Army of Norther Virginia.  The Confederate High command felt troops would fight better brigaded with men from their home state. In cases where that was not possible they brigaded them with neighboring states.
 Since there were only 3 regiments from Texas in Virginia and only one from Arkansas they naturally got teamed up.
 As you can see I continued with the autumn theme.  The color palate is gray, brown and Khaki...
 Thank goodness for blanket rolls that allow a splash of color here and there.
 I think the fallen leaves form Secret Weapon Miniatures really show well in to down photos.
 OK readers I need opinions! three or two?  the three man base looks fuller but I was able to dress the two man base better.  Which do you think looks best
Here is the front on view I really would like some opinions one way or the other.  Thanks!