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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A "Hard Evening" at La Haie Sainte

John arranged another Lassalle Game this time we were doing the French attack on British line behind La Haie Sainte .  Above is my line for french troops.  The road on the right (past the stand of three trees) is sunken and would cause us much trouble. 
John sets his men up behind the tree line and road. I have first move... 
and advance on all fronts hoping I can get to the key points before john (its a long shot but worth doing). 
English troops break through the tree line, Scottish troops on the the right.
Rockets! readers will know I hate rockers form the Black powder experience. John and I reach wasted several turns of fire shooting our batteries at each other before realizing (or remembering in John's case) that counter battery in Lassalles is pretty much useless. 
On my left I am inching forward, John is waiting behind the sunken road for now.
John surprises me by coming down off the hill.  He has some very good troops here and hopes for a quick victory.
He gets one crossing the road on the left and charging one of my Leger battalions breaking it in a single throw of the dice.
French cavalry counter charges and drives him back .
 We also have close action on the right my Irish near the top drive beck the rifle men but 45th line break under pressure form English and Scottish forces.  John hammered me on this side driving me back.  I managed to establish a line and hold it but just holding me at arms length is a win for John.
 On the right I drive John's cavalry back here John was force to give some ground here but the sunken road cramps my style, and I never quite get across it.
 Here we stand at the end I call it a British Victory as it was my job to break the English line and that line held.  Both John and I felt we made mistakes with set up... keep you cavalry away from sunken roads kids that is today's lesson.