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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Longstreet Heroes (1)

In the game Longstreet your units can gain (and lose) heroes. A hero allows you to roll and extra d6 in combat in both attack and defense. After each combat you roll a d6 if you get a 6 and don't have a hero congratulations! you gained a hero.  If you have a hero and roll a 6... well you lose the hero, he still counts for that turn but meets his heroic end.   A hero is simply a marker not a new stand so for the infantry I have put them on washers so they cannot be mistaken a stand.
As my officers are still truant I painted an extra Sargent from  the Texas command pack as a hero.
The pose just said man of action to me he's leaning forward as if running or maybe hunching against in coming fire.
He also has an impressive beard and sideburns.  Most of my heroes will probably be officers but its good to add a few Sargents to the mix
In the cavalry this fellow got tapped as Sargent because I didn't want to model a figure shooing the man next him in the belly!
So he got an individual base and was mounted corner to corner to make him easy to distinguish form the run of the mill cavalry trooper. 
Its also the only cavalry base I decorated with white flowers so that will help it stand out too.