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Saturday, October 26, 2013

War-machine at Hobby Bunker

I went to hobby bunker to take part in the Halloween Zombie game but the organizer had to bail because of a family emergency so I was recruited to play War-Machine.  I met Paul and he walked me through my second game.
Paul sets up his undead Cryx war Jacks... s
I have humans of Cygnar I am told they are a bit like the British in the blitz but with a fascist edge
Paul rushes forward and zaps me through the node on the Jack on the right.
I do my own spell knocking down the three Jacks in the center with the Earthquake spell (wish it did direct damage but I think it bought me a turn and that might have been the difference).
Niether of us is going sublt here as armord beast crash into each other (lost one in the center).
Things get close and personal.
With my Jacks crashing all around I rush into the battle
My hero takes out two jacks then its more or less down to the hero .
Paul takes his best shot and I am down to 6 hits but he misses a critical last swing
I don't miss with my attacks and just manage to squeak out my second win  at War Machines.