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Thursday, October 17, 2013

1st Texas Regiment

The 1st Texas Infantry regiment premier regiment of the Lone Star state is ready for action, so are the 4th and 5th less their command stands(so you will see them latter)

 Regimental photos 10 full stands ready for action against the forces of "Northern Aggression"
 The flags are place holders but don't look too bad.
 You may see some subtle differences in my paint job here form previous efforts.  Since finishing the 3rd Arkansas I have read an excellent article in Wargames Illustrated 312 concerning the uniforms and equipment of the Confederate infantry man.  Its well worth picking up if you are pursing this subject.
 The Confederate battle flag is form Warflag.com and I think looks good(I'll use them on some other command stands) I am less pleased with the Texas Flag but I have some new flags on order.
 Here you can see the "Lone Star" a popular adornment of the soldiers of the Texas Brigade.
Top down view which really shows off the foliage on the base. More Pictures are available for viewing on my Facebook page