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Thursday, October 24, 2013

4th Texas

 The Newest addition to the Texas Brigade I finally have some officers so I can complete some units(though not all of them have arrived)
 The 4th Texas most Confederate units carried only one flag so I went with this portrayal in this case. We have a full 10 stand Longstreet unit here.
 As you can see I loaded the bases up with rocks I wanted to suggest the desperate battleground of Devils Den and Little Round Top at Gettysburg. I am especially pleased with the officers coat particularly the white cuff and collar on his coat.
 The Texas star is again evident on hats and you can see a few union forage caps that have been appropriated by the men.
The over head shot give you a better look at the colors and patterns in the blankets. The 5th Texas is also ready except for its officer who has not arrived at my local game shop. Hopefully these delinquent officers will show up soon. You can see more photos on Facebook