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Monday, October 28, 2013

10th Tennessee "Sons of Erin"

Finished another unit of troops for Longstreet. This time I went outside the Texas brigade and indeed out side the army of Northern Virginian.  I'm Irish on my mothers side and Irish played an active role on both sides of the American Civil War.  I recently picked up the Osprey book Irish-American Units in the Civil War.   When I do a Yankee brigade it will probably be an Irish Brigade but I saw no reason not to do some Irish Confederated and for this I looked west to the the 10th Tennessee.
True the regiment never fought as part of the Texas Brigade but at Chickamauga they were part of the same army so I am taking a little historic license and painting them to serve as a reinforcement to my brigade.
Figures are Old Glory which I picked up for a very low price on Ebay.  They are now where near as good as Bluemoon but are adequate and some are realy well done.  The fellow falling shot tot he left of the Flag is a good one.  The Flag was take from the Charge! magazine issue 31 which has a number of good confederate flags.  A digital copy of the magazine is $3.99 (US).
Again I am using the leaf covered wilderness battle field look it just seems to feel right for this army.