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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Desperado at Game Castle

A peaceful western town.
Detective Gray, Mr. White and Detective Black. Recently released from jail (over a miss understanding).

Hum... Town might not be so peaceful after all...
White, Black go get a meal and a drink I'll...
Go get our horses... We need them to get that crooked judge (and our money)!
Rich set up the game, Ted Played the lawmen, Rich he had the Judge and his crooked gang.
Turn one, this drunken Mexican (The Dirty Mexican) jumps Detective Black!  Black shoots back and kills his attacker then turns on Indian who is also sizing him up.  The Indian in turn kills Black!
Here comes the Law!
Mr. White not wanting trouble runs... shouting all the way some Mexican drew on my friend in cold blood....
But the crooked law in this town doesn't care... and tries to buffalo him.
White is trapped and starts to take fire... he gets in a few shots... D. Gray has been saddling the horses and...
Rides to the rescue killing one crooked deputy...
But it too late for White.  Though the Judge is hit in the leg and knocked prone in the fire fight. Gray tries to ride him down but gets gut shot for it... and killed.
some out laws are taking advantage of my fire fight to break out a buddy.
Tim has a plan... he teams out with Garry to( no picture) and sets a building on fire
then starting another fire fight.
While other break his brother out of jail and.
Rob the town.