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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The other side of the Great Re-basing project

From time to time you guys have seen me removing troops from the 2x2 inch bases AJ made for me a few years ago. I have called this the "Great Re-basing Project" You may have wondered what I was doing with them.  Well the other day I was at hobby bunker and found some 2x1 inch metal bases and I knew what to do.
Combining the two bases and I have a great sabot base to use for Volley and Bayonet games.
I have been putting magnates on my Longstreet figures so I now have a growing Civil War army that can be a brigade for Longstreet or and Army Corps (or even an army) for Volley and Bayonet. The Hood's Texas Brigade has become Hood's Division.
As you can see the figures will stand a little high but the bases are big enough you have plenty of space to grab the base (or push it with a ruler or pointer stick on a large table) so people won't handle the figures directly.
 As you can see I made sure the Slots at the back remained clear so unit information can be written on a label and attached to the unit to make life easy in a game.