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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Great Re-basing Porject of 2013 (1)

A few months ago I poosted about the rebasing delema I found my self in.  For most of my infantry its not an issue the two inch wide by one inch deep stands they are on work just fine for line and mass/attack coloumn in both Maurice and Blackpowder. March coloumn looks a little wierd but we can make it work. 
Cavalry mounted for Volley and Bayonet is another matter I am sorry to say because the 2x2 inch base just doesn't work especially if one sides cavalry is mounted on four 1 inch square bases. So the re-basing project has begun!
 Now my approch when building my armies for V&B was put 3 to 6 figures per 2x2 inch stand with an average of 4.  So obviously unless I want 1 figure per stand and I may do this in some cases as there is no reason in either rule set not too I have to mix and match a bitt.  That is ok becuse Cavalry squadrons in the field often brigaded with squadrons form other regiments. Here we have Cavalry form the Corps du Guard of the Prussian cavalry with the 8th Cuirassiers.
Detail form the 8th Cuirassiers Flag a style latter stolen by the Nazis for their parades
 Prussian Dragoons form the 4th (white flag) and 5th (black flag) regiments

 Hessian Dragoons who because of their obvious similarity to Prussians often field with that army. 
 I'm rather proud of getting the moustaches on these guys though the photo does not show them to best effect.