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Monday, May 6, 2013

A&A War At Sea Friday Night at Huzza! Game 1

I commanded the French Fleet who have decided to sortie and join the British despite the official French Surrender. and
Now I thought I could exit any wre along the yellow turn out I can only leave though the square up in the corner.
Robert and Mike ran the Axis fleets
Mark ran Scott and Nimay provided me with support form the British Fleet while Paul ran the Axis air.
Italian Fighters hunt the ASW Sutherland Flying boat.
German Fleet moves to intercept
Air strikes would be the biggest threat to the french fleet at least in the early going
initial attacks focused on the french destroyers...
Albatros did hit U47 hard but Italian and German Air craft hit Albaros hard as well.
The British Navy worked hard as my "line men" closing with the Germans and hitting surface ships and subs alike as hard as they could

The Axis discuss how to bring on the Italians
The Richelieu hits a German Cruiser hard 
Hear comes the Royal Italian Navy
Axis air continues to hit my destoyrers
The British and Germans engage in action so close I half expected some one to try boarding with pike and cutlass.
German an British ships go down.
the French round the Island only to find out they are further from safety not close (remember the map?)
The Italians bring their considerable wieght of fire to bear on the English
Niemy and his dad Scott celebrate anther success full torpedo attack on Prince Eugene sending the largest German ship toe the bottom.
The German and British ships have beaten each-other to wreaks. Sadly the French and Italian fleets do not get to fully engage each-other as midnight has arrived and the hall is closing.  This one is far form over.  I suspect the French and Italian fleets will both get mauled in the exchange some French ships will escape but enough win the scenario we will never know.