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Friday, May 17, 2013

Bloody Stale Mate Maurice at the Game Castle.

Harry had wanted to try Austrians so I had a packed up a force for him.  He took Oblique, Professional Train and Feudal for his national advantages.  His Army consisted of 3 trained cavalry, 6 Trained and 1 Elite Infantry, 4 irregular infantry 2 irregular Cavalry and 2 guns.  I had the standard D'Argent Mix 3 trained Cavalry, 2 Elite Infantry, 4 Trained Infantry, 2 Conscript infantry 1 irregular infantry,  and 2guns. Advantages were Oblique, Mason Du Rio and Rally to the Flag.
 Harry Built himself a formidable defensive position you sued a forest battle field as we were sick of plains.  I picked two Irregular Cavalry as my Mercenaries.
Chasseurs De Montana in the woods.
 Irregular troops lead the advance on the left flank. 
 Supported by the Cavalry I intend this attack as a feint but as a fencer I know a real feint is not  a fake attack...
 Rather its an Attack with a contingency plan...
 So I charged his Cavalry hoping to throw it back and get behind his irregulars. I had Stirrups in I figured I had a decent chance of wining and with a little luck I might double one...
 The Dice did not agree! The battle on this flank would rage for several turns sucking up cards before stabling. But I waited to long... to get my infantry into play.
 I used not on the map to lay a "water hazard" in front of Harries remaining Cavalry unit then used coordinate to move both my infantry forces.
 The Advance began... but Harry had his own ideas!
 Launching another cavalry attacked on the left forcing me to spend a couple of turns pulling the Duchess Ariana Dragoons and replcing them with Regiment Prinze Carriere
 My infantry finally moves into place over two turn of shooting I break 1 irregular infantry and 1 Regular infantry and a gun. Harry is down form 14 rout points to 11 but... time is running out
Not game time we are only in the second deck but real time its 9:00 PM and Harry's wife is calling him home.  I launch on more Cavalry attack that is as indecisive as the rest and we agree to call it a draw. Harry has learned a lot since his last game and this Austrian force mix seems to work for him. I expect to face swarms of irregulars again.