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Monday, May 13, 2013

HQ and Dog of war objective

I got this US headquarters objective at Havoc and have been slowly painting it while working on other projects. They I found one more piece that would complete it at Huzzah!con a dog.
 The dog is an Irregular miniature and comes in a set of two I thought this one looked like a German Shepard so that's what I painted him as.
The dog is not quite in scale with the figures but he's close enough I can just say he is a big German Shepard.
 Major-General Carriere is ready to direct the troops while his HQ guard and dog Lucky keep an eye out for Axis activity.
 I think the shading on the fir cam our well in this case dogs seem to be easier to paint then horses maybe because the sculpt is better or maybe because I have seen a lot more dogs in my life than I have horses.