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Friday, May 10, 2013

Spoils from Huzzah!

Lets face it we all like winning.  and I did very well with the raffle this year.
Winning a very nice set of Winged Huzzahs from Fire and Sword they have a Kickstarter going for their English version of the rules.  I'm still on the fence about the rules thought some of these armies could dovetail nicely with my new Maurice project.  The figures are very nice but I am not ready to paint them yet so they are staying int he packaging.

 This "Large Peasant building" is an excellent piece with great detail espeicaly on the wood and thatch.  The log pile is a great touch.
 The designe is simple and can probably work any time or place in Eastern Europe and would not be terribly out of place in Western Europe with my other buildings.
The roof removes so figures can go inside I will probably glue the roof of the shed in place as its too small for any thing other than a single 15mm figure.

I also won a book Called Edge of Empire about the Rome's German Frontiers .. the book is still on its way so you will have to be happy with the link with out a picture

All and all a very nice return on my investment of $10 in raffle tickets.