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Thursday, May 16, 2013

More French Armor AMR-35 ZT-2 & ZT-3

 Got these some time again and finally got around to finishing them up
 This is the ZT-3 mounting a 25mm AT gun a decent gun in early war.  The gun was hull mounted to give the gunners more room to work. Though apparently not enough to avoid the Awkward layout trait in FOW
 The ZT-2 on the other hand has a Turret though one that was quite cramped.  One would think that might mean a lower rate of fire but it has the same ROF as the ZT-3 and can shoot on the move.
According to FOW: "The low, turretless ZT-3 uses its small silhouette to work its way into a good ambush position. Meanwhile the larger, turreted ZT-2 stays further back in cover to protect its flanks."   Not a bad little assets to have for my early war French Recon army.  AT guns in Armor are never a bad deal especially at 55 points for two and they are a Recon platoon on top of that.