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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Animals at the Nevins Farm

So  a few months ago there was a discussion of the dificultiy of painting horses on the Maurice list. On of the theams of the discussion was that most war gamer don't see a lot of horses.  I have been seeking to remedy this for myseld with trips to the MSPCA's Nevins Farm A wonderful organization that rescues animals of all sorts, dogs, cats, and yes horses.  Ariana loves visiting so this is one aspect of my hobby she is 100% on board with. 
  Sorry fo the interviening feces and such. These horses ar in many cases learning to trust humans again so interaction are strictly controlled. This a bay(? sorry I am still not sure what you officialy call horse colors)  Note its not a uniform color and note that the mane and tail are darker.
 A solid brown horse prefect for a unit of cavalry but not the flash of white on the face and that the mane and tail are just a little darker.
 Here is a secret horses move and don't cooperate when you are trying to photo graph them.

 Each of these horses are a slightly different shade of down but close enough you could probably use on base coat and then shade differently.  Note each has small flashes of white on the face or legs
 Brown body but black tail and mane
 Not the tiny flash of white on the hid feet.

 You've seen all these before but another look never hurts.

 I was able to get closer to this horse I think this is also a bay again the color is not uniform and note the white mane and the darker and lighter patches of skin/hair on the face,  Also notice the tail is darker at the bottom then at that top (maybe because of the exposure to the light? or maybe for other reasons?)
 Ariana insisted I not just focus on the horses The Nevins rescues all animal cows.
 This very hansom Border Collie
This cat is named Wash if our apartment didn't forbid animals I don't think I would have stopped Ari form trying to adopt him.  Me, having been woken up by cats attacking my feet and waking me up I just had tickle this little fellow.