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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Battle of Portland 1863 Huzzah Battle report 3

English troops wait behind the hill out side Portland.  This was a massive game in 6mm with a 1 to 1 man and ground scale!   The two Eds ran this game and the rules they used were almost like a skirmish game.... this had me a bit thrown for a bit especially as terrain on my side of the board was not visible ... we were supposed to have a map... but that got left at home!
British cavalry cam up on the left flank while British infantry hammered the front nothing subtle about. I held the rigth flank with the 20th Maine and help form the Maine Cavalry but only just.

In the center the Maine militia reenacted Bunker hill but never ran out of amunition.

This was a crazy battle, I liked the rules but would not personally use them for anything so "massive."
This was the first time I had seen 6mm figures in person and I was impressed with how they look on a table.