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Monday, May 20, 2013

New Game: Age of Swords and Arrows

Tyler who you may or may not remember from some V&B games a year or two ago is back at the Whiz and has been working on his own game.   Its a set of rule that supposed to cover a wide range of pre-gunpowder armies.  I got to play in what was only the 4th game ever.  Its still a work in progress but the bones of a good game are there I am happy to say.
I commanded the Saxon army against Vikings I had a unit of Hosecalrs(seen above), two units of Fyrd and a unit of archers.
Fryd Ready for battle.
Mark, Tom (commanding the Vikings) and Tyler the game designer and GM.
Here come the Vikings
I dd well in the initial fight breaking a unit of Bondi with and sending the enemy general fleeing...
In fact except for the Berserkers the entire Viking army is sent to rout.  My Housecarls fight the Berserkers leading to mutual slaughter I am finally able to cover come them with a flank attack by my Fryd but that takes several turns due to the moral check need to engage Berserkers. By that time Toms entire army has recovered and counter attack to bad results well bad results from my point of view. While the game is clearly a work in progress it was also a lot of fun.