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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Huzzah Day 2 photos

 First up shots of my table at Huzzah for the French invasion of Englnad.
 I got lots of compliments form the organizers and GMs....

Players... well I got one in the end.  That was disapointing but maybe next years game will have more attendance.
 Australia Prepares to invade Rabal in 1914.
 There goal is to destryou the transmitter
 but the Germans may have some thing to say about it
 Boston trained band's bolt action game love the felt on the roofs as snow
 Nappy game
 Angles 20 game over guadalcanal
 US Cavalry and Indians?  Not sure on this one
 Knights ridding through Sherwood Forrest
6mm Victorian English for the battle of Portland (my second game on Sunday)
 Civil war in 54mm scale!

 Bolt Action in Burma with Boston Trained Band
 Chris R's Polish Hussar unhorses his opponent in the joust
Chris to second place and won a set of flesh tone paints