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Monday, May 6, 2013

Huzzah Day 3 Photos


 Massive 15mm Game using Konigskrieg the Russian assault on Asov (held by the tusks)
 One of 4 tables for the Leipzig game. 
 Adrian prepares his forces for battle out side Mocker
 Prussians are welcomed at the local tavern.
 Cossacks loot!
 The main table of Liepzig
 Gordon of Adler Hobbies sets up for the Bridge assault
 the End result of that set up... I don't think the french are getting back to Paris this way.

  Mike Paine's table
 Still more fighting at Liepzig
 Turks and Russians at Azov truly a massive game
 A battle form the war of 1812
MIGs and Thuds? mixing it up