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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Great Re-basing Project of 2013 (3)

Still hard at work converting basing from V&B to Maurice and Black Powder.
 First up some Hessian Dragoons I was a bit leery of mounting troops one to a stand but with only five figures in this case it seemed the best option.
 The flag actually a Hanoverian dragoon flag but I only have a few a few option and it does not look too out of place.
 Two more Highlanders not wanting to waist figures I did two units that are a little thinner on the figures rather than crowding the bases or having a short unit.
 These are some of the best Plaid I ever did I am proud to say.
 Some of Robert Burr's work is in these too I mixed figures so hopefully the difference in style will not stand out as it would if his were all inone unit.