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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Forest of Trees

My friend Rich has a little game terrain company called Adventure Terrain.  He did a Kick-Starter a few months back that was way more successful then he could have dreamed (in fact he got tot he point were he wanted to turn it off for fear of being overwhelmed by volume). Rich is hard at work filling your orders, need proof? Here it is:
I promoted the Kick-Starter and was an early subscriber and got my trees last night just in time for my game table at Huzzah!   The end product looks great.

 The three and five tree stand, this is the basic forest package.
 Austrian Dragoons (15mm Old Glory) provided for scale comparison.
 The more of these you put together the better they look.
 Tim also had some terrain to show off, his awesome Frontier Fort for French and Indian Wars games.
 I love the autumn theme basing he did with the fort and figures he painted to garrison it (sorry no pictures of the figure).  This is 25/28mm scale.