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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Prussians and D'Argent at the Whiz

Adrian put together an army I decided Prussians seemed the right portrayal.  2 Elite infantry, 5 Trained infantry, 1 Conscript Infantry and 1 Elite Cavalry and two trained cavalry. National advantage were Rally to the Flag, Oblique and Steady Lads.  I did a new version of D'Argent 2 Elite Infantry, 5 trained and 1 conscript infantry, 3 Trained Cavalry and 3 guns.  I also had Rally to the Flag and Oblique but had taken Great Captain to try that advantage out.
 After Deployment Adrian realized expressed his belief that he had made a mistake not deploying the troops in the upper right in column.  I think this would have helped him.
 The initial attack rushes in on the Regiment Chevrette its a near thing but they hold.
 Adrian has his other infantry force moving around the trees on the right.
 I move in the regiment Takovics and Strike one of the Prussian grenadier units in the flank breaking them.
 We both make use of Rally to the flag and its like the previous turns battle didn't happen.
 I send regiment pressing in on the center for the fire fight hopping...
 I can win it before these guy get to my flank... (both Cavalry forts are on the left holing their position drinking brandies and smoking cigars.)
 Musket fire rips back and forth.
 I managed to break two of the Prussian regiments with musket fire...

 The fire fight goes on for several turns and slowly swings my way.
 Adrian gets his men around my flank but I have gotten Regiment Mixter into position I hold against the melee attack...
 Fire breaks the regiment after it bounces

 Cavalry is still not doing much Though Adrian did start a last minute thrust with them but it didn't get into range.
 At this point I have my men in position thought Adrian would break regiment Mixter.

 But I maneuver the Guard and Regiment DeBurre into position and break this regiment leaving Adrian with only one Infantry  and on more rout points. Adrian had a tough game but he played it out in good style.  I liked Great Captain but I am not sure its worth the points.