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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shadow over Hangui Huzzah "battle" report 4

I met Mike last year at Huzzah! 2012 and instantly liked him.  How do you not like a guy with a friendly laid back demeanor and a ready laugh? Not to mention a huge table of scratch built terrain and "pulp" war game that always has a crowed around with ear to ear grins, not to mention laughter and good natured cat calls.   I missed his game in 2012 and again at Hobby bunker and Havoc but I wanted to give it a try at Huzzah and I am glad I did.
 My hero Professor Flag his side kick and the Chiku Shan a paddle wheel steamer inspired by the old John Wayne film Blood Alley (Mike was surprise I had see it, not one of Wayne's better films but pretty good as I recall it, though its been years and I was a kid so any move with decent action seemed good)
 Mike explains the rules basically tell him what you want to do roll a d10 if you get a 0-4 it works on a 5-9 it doesn't
 Ready to explore Scull Island I didn't stay here long... and given the Steam Robots that came out of here latter I am glad I did not.

 Off to the main part of Hangui
 "Fighting" Carter and Allen Quatermain shoot it out in the habor (Cater lost...)
 and came back as the "mysterious Dr. Satan" with his Steam Bots
 I gathered a team of Chinese retainers and formed an Alliance with the Howe and Howe Consolidated Salvage company who had teamed up with the local war lord...
 So it was off the the castle with the loot
 Steam Bots (and others) were in hot pursuit 
 and I got cut off an most of my retainers were killed.
 Managed to get past these guys!
 The local war lord is still gathering the loot I don't trust this guy!.  Howe and Howe offer me the services of their rocket pack retainer who flies me back the wharves...
 were another gun battle is raging... I am heading for my ship!
 the Assault on the castle by Dr. Satan fails as the war lord brings his stone goulm guards to life
 The the war lord chases me and boards the broken gun boat... sending shots chasing after the Chiku Shan
But I manage to dodge the worst of the hit and steam off int the sun set.  The game when for a bit after that but I was wiped out form a day of gaming